Household appliances to save time and energy

Household appliances to save time and energy

Household appliances are at the heart of every home. From laundry to cooking, each has an essential role in helping you organise your time. But which are the most useful appliances? 

Always rushing, a thousand thoughts in your head and little time for housework? On the busiest days it's essential to have smart high-performance appliances that can help you with everyday housework and give you a calm stress-free lifestyle. 

Thanks to these and the functions they offer, you can optimise cleaning, cooking and laundry without spending more time on them than necessary, while saving on electricity and consumption.

Household appliances: why choose smart
Kitchen appliances: the list of essentials
Bathroom appliances: washer-dryer or separate dryer?

Household appliances: why choose smart

Intelligent, efficient and connected directly to your phone: smart household appliances are innovative devices that can simplify housework in a number of ways and make your appliances increasingly autonomous, leaving you with more free time for the things you love. Connectivity even allows you to carry out many operations remotely. This not only optimises your time and energy, both physical and mental, but also saves money while reducing your environmental impact. How? 

Candy smart household appliances are connected to the hOn app, allowing you to easily control all your appliances as an entire integrated ecosystem and to access a comprehensive series of dedicated content and functions, such as: 

  • Remote control: with the Multicontrollo system you can control your appliances remotely wherever you are: activate, switch off or programme them even when you're away from home.
  • Extra content: the hOn app gives you access to a world of suggestions, tips, recipes and tutorials helping you to make the most of your household appliances in day-to-day life. 
  • Maintenance: thanks to the guide and reminders for maintenance operations, you can prolong the life of your appliances and retain their energy efficiency; and there's always help at hand to solve any issue effortlessly. 
  • Statistics: saving on your bills is easy with Candy. With the hOn app you can stay on top of the energy used by your appliances, find information about the most frequently-used programmes and improve their efficiency thanks to dedicated advice.


Kitchen appliances: the list of essentials 

Oven, microwave and dishwasher are the most useful appliances in any kitchen. But which features should not be undervalued when it comes to buying a new one? Let's find out which smart household appliances you should choose to simplify life in the kitchen.

Smart oven: one of the most useful appliances in terms of saving

The oven is definitely one appliance you can't do without, especially if you're a cooking enthusiast who likes to experiment. 

For example, thanks to the numerous features of Candy ovens, you can prepare dishes worthy of a chef, with more than 350 recipes and lots of tips available on the hOn app. Or you can learn to make pizza and many other dishes, thanks to the many oven accessories and special programmes. And all this can be done much faster by remote control. Stuck in traffic and need to rustle up dinner for last-minute guests? Activate the preheat setting, and when you get home your oven will be ready to cook your favourite dish!

But when you've finished cooking don't forget to clean the oven. Many Candy ovens make this easier for you with their effective natural cleaning systems such as Aquactiva, which guarantee easy cleaning and complete sanitising without wasting time. 

Useful appliances? The smart microwave!

The microwave is undoubtedly one of the essentials in your kitchen. Compact and occupying little space it's the perfect appliance to make meals faster, heating and cooking many foods in minutes. But that's not all! Did you know you can use it to sterilise baby bottles quickly? Or to defrost last-minute dinners? Whatever your needs, Candy microwaves have a multitude of programmes and features such as Grill and Defrost. 

What's more, with the hOn app you always have plenty of advice at hand, so you can learn all the secrets about cooking methods and quick recipes, and discover alternative uses for your microwave.

The dishwasher: the household appliance you should never underestimate

The dishwasher is perhaps one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen. And here we should debunk a myth: contrary to what many people think, it's not more efficient to wash the dishes by hand. The important thing is to choose an efficient machine both in terms of energy class and performance.

For example, Candy smart dishwashers like the Brava, offer one of the quickest wash cycles on the market. Using high-pressure Zoom technology, your plates and glasses will be sparkling clean in just 39 minutes. What's more with a maximum capacity of 16 covers you can load it with up to 201 items and wash them all in a single cycle. This allows you to reduce waste by up to 40%*, saving large amounts of time, electricity and water in one go.

Staying with washing, let's see which household appliances are most useful when it comes to your laundry.

* Data calculated over 11 years compared to Class G.

Bathroom appliances: washer-dryer or separate dryer? 

Is it best to choose a washer-dryer or a washing machine and separate dryer? Of course, it depends to a large extent on your needs, especially if you have limited space and little time to hang up your wash. Today the most advanced washer-dryers like Candy models are just as good as separate machines, no question of that! With a smart washer-dryer you can actually have clean, dry clothes in just a few steps, thanks to fast programmes and innovative functions like Start Delay, which allows you to start the wash cycle at the time you choose, using the most advantageous time band even when you're out and about. 

Furthermore, Candy washer-dryers minimise waste and optimise household efficiency. Thanks to Quick&Clean technology, weight sensors detect the size of the load and automatically adjust the amount of water and electricity used, reducing consumption by up to 70%.

In conclusion, each of these household appliances is essential to make housework easier and enhance domestic and family life without sacrificing efficiency and performance. But don't forget that to retain performance over time, you need to look after and regularly clean all your appliances using professional, eco-friendly products like the Care+Protect Ecological line. 

Now you know which appliances are most useful in the home, organising housework will be a walk in the park! 

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