household appliances for energy saving

How to get maximum energy efficiency from your domestic appliances? From smart modes to time periods

Is it possible to save money on electricity bills without cutting down on the use of appliances? High energy class, smart modes and good habits are the key to achieving maximum energy efficiency for your appliances!

What with expensive bills and energy waste, running an efficient household has become an absolute priority, both because it allows us to considerably reduce the electricity bill, and also because we can lower our environmental impact and make our lifestyle more sustainable.

Knowing how to use household appliances conscientiously is undoubtedly a good starting point to reduce our day-to-day costs. But it's not just a matter of choosing high-efficiency appliances, it's also about optimising energy consumption. In fact, with the right appliances - like Candy high-efficiency items - you just need a few precautions for maximum effect.

From energy class to IoT functions and practical tips: here's a complete guide that will help you to save money and energy!

  • Looking for greater energy efficiency? Class A household appliances
  • The best time bands to use your appliances
  • Saving energy with smart appliances
  • How to reduce environmental impact? Tricks for washing machines and washer-dryers
  • Improving energy efficiency in kitchen appliances
  • How to reduce energy use for the fridge? Saving energy with IoT functions

Looking for greater energy efficiency? Class A household appliances

When it comes to saving energy, the number-one solution is to choose appliances with low environmental impact. Before purchasing a new appliance, it's advisable to read the energy label carefully. The technical specifications are actually packed with useful information such as electricity consumption data and energy class, and this is one of the most important ways to avoid waste. Choosing Class A appliances is a guarantee of reduced consumption, as these are highly efficient machines that offer remarkable savings in terms of energy and money.

So, if you're thinking of buying a new household appliance, it's advisable to choose a Class A model, particularly if it's a machine you'll be using regularly, like a washing machine. For example, in the Candy range of front-loading washing machines, you'll find some of the most efficient models on the market.

Energy saving: the best time to use household appliances

Once you've chosen an efficient appliance, rule number two is to know the times you can save energy. These are set by the electricity companies, which offer reduced rates during periods of lower use. However, time bands may vary depending on the region and the energy company, so it's a good idea to check with your supplier for more specific information.

In the UK the cheapest times are Monday to Saturday from 23:00 to 7:00, Sundays and public holidays.

Saving energy with smart appliances

Not everyone knows this, but smart appliances can also be very useful when it comes to energy efficiency. The first advantage of intelligent appliances is that they can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. For example, most Candy household appliances are connected to the hOn app, which offers a series of exclusive functionalities geared to optimising energy efficiency. For example, from the Candy app you can:

  • Control your household appliances wherever you are: turn them on or off, or programme them at any time.
  • Monitor consumption, get information on the most frequently used programmes and optimise performance with personalised suggestions.
  • Use advanced features and special content created specifically to help you optimise the use of your appliances.
  • Receive reminders and suggestions for the maintenance operations needed to keep your appliances working perfectly, thus extending their lives.

So, which are the best smart household appliances, and how can they really help you save in daily life?

How to reduce environmental impact? Tricks for washing machines and washer-dryers

Energy consumption does not depend solely on the efficiency rating of your appliances, but also on how you use them. Correct use of the washing machine or washer-dryer is essential if you want to save more on water and electricity. But what are the good habits we should pursue to save money and at the same time ensure an immaculate wash? Here are a few tips to follow when doing the laundry:

  • Use the machine fully loaded, but be careful not to overfill the drum. This will avoid overworking the appliance, and result in a clean and sweet-smelling wash.
  • Carry out cleaning and maintenance regularly: removing limescale and dirt from the filters and tubes is essential to avoid putting the machine under strain so that it can complete the wash cycle without unnecessary waste. To do this, use specific products like Care+Protect de-greasing and sanitising limescale remover.
  • Avoid wash programmes at very high temperatures (over 40 degrees). If your clothes are not particularly dirty, use the Eco programme of your washing machine or washer-dryer.

With the Candy RapidO' smart washing machine, it's even easier to follow these simple tips, thanks to its many intelligent functions. For instance, maybe you don't know which is the best programme for your wash? Take a photo! The Snap&Wash function will guide your choice of the most suitable programme based on the quantity and colours of your garments, reducing waste water by 1,750 litres a year.

Improving energy efficiency in kitchen appliances

The dishwasher and the oven are two more appliances that are essential in the kitchen, but here again, a few small adjustments are enough to optimise energy consumption.

  • For the dishwasher, you should only switch it on when it's full. The larger your dishwasher is, the fewer cycles you'll need each week. For example, the Candy Brava dishwasher can handle 16 covers at once, reducing energy waste and water by up to 40%. What's more, with the Candy app, you'll have access to the Energy Manager and all the data you need for optimum use.
  • And with the oven, one tip that may seem banal but is very important is to not open the door too often to check the cooking. Once again, Candy ovens can help you here. The hOn app can suggest the ideal temperature for a specific food and the cooking time for your recipe. Raw or burnt food will be just a bad memory!

How to reduce energy use for the fridge? Saving energy with IoT functions

And last but not least is the king of household appliances, the fridge! Running 24/7, it's one of the biggest items on your electricity bill. It's essential to choose the right one, and also to minimise bad habits.

  • Don't overfill the fridge, and keep it tidy, with all the foods in the correct places.
  • Don't open the door unnecessarily to avoid increasing the interior temperature.
  • Place the fridge far from direct heat sources such as hobs and radiators.
  • Keep the temperature at a temperature of between 3° and 6°C.
  • Make sure it's cleaned and defrosted regularly. Ice creates an insulating layer and the fridge uses more electricity to keep the temperature low.

The Candy Fresco Total No Frost fridge offers a world of functions, perfectly connected to reduce costs. Don't know where food items should be stored in the fridge? Thanks to the Food Locator, you'll always know where to put your food. Away from home? Deactivate the fridge with the holiday mode to minimise energy costs and reactivate it remotely from the app, wherever you are.

Furthermore, thanks to the new Smart Odour Accounter, you can track how many times you open the fridge, keeping the temperature constant and reducing waste.

Now you have no excuse: with Candy household appliances it's never been so easy to save!

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