Connected Dishwasher
Connected Dishwasher

Make your life easier with the Candy-connected dishwashers

Connectivity at hand

Discover the Candy connected dishwashers and find out how to use them at their best through a series of unique and innovative connectivity features available on the Candy App. Try them out to transform one of your daily cleaning tasks into a smart and time-saving experience.

Choose the perfect cycle in the smartest way

Not sure about how to wash that particular mug or cooking pan? No problem! Use the Candy App to get a complete washing guide. Just select the kind of kitchenware you need to wash, the dirt level, and load to get a suggestion about the perfect and most appropriate cycle to achieve perfect washing results in the smartest and easiest way.

Choose the perfect cycle in the smartest way
Manage your dishwasher remotely

Do you want your dishwasher to work while you’re not home? Thanks to the Candy App, you can now manage your dishwasher remotely. Use the App on your smartphone to activate or stop the washing cycle whenever you want, wherever you are. Plus, you can always check on the dishwasher status and keep updated on the time remaining until the end of the cycle.

Manage your dishwasher remotely
Try smart check-ups to make your dishwasher last for longer

Tired of forgetting about cleaning your dishwasher filter? The Candy hOn App keeps track of the right schedule for your dishwasher maintenance and allows you to directly launch the “Autocleaning” cycle to clean & sanitize the tub. Efficiency, saving and reliability are guaranteed and will make your dishwasher last for longer.

Try smart check-ups to make your dishwasher last for longer

What is the difference between simply-Fi and hOn?

While simply-Fi is the very first app developed by Candy, all Candy connected appliances produced after 2020 use hOn: the Haier Group’s new connectivity hub. Some products with the simply-Fi app are still available on the market, but this is not an issue: both apps allow you to fully enjoy Candy's smart connectivity features. So, which app should I download? Easy: the one that is pictured on the product! If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Download the hOn App


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