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hOn app statistics section. How to use it to save

What is the “Statistic section”?

The statistics section is one of the most important functions of your hOn app. With this section, you can keep all your consumption under control and change your habits for a lifestyle aimed at saving energy and money!

Choose your appliance. Choose savings.

Let’s make an example: you have to do the laundry. Your Candy washer-dryer is connected to the hOn app and tells you everything you need to do perfect laundry. But you want to know how much you are consuming in terms of energy and money. Just click to the bar below and select "more", then "statistics" and a very informative section will open for you! There is a handy legend, top right, that will help you understand all the various internal sections. Let's see specifically how it works.

Instant consumption

You will recognize it by the symbol of the plug. The bar estimates the current energy consumption of the cycle in progress, according to the phase. The app suggests you limit the electrical usage when the bar exceeds half. In that way, you can avoid possible blackouts and of course, you can save energy and money!

Load percentage

Under this name you will see a graph that shows you the load percentage of the machine in relation to its maximum capacity in the last 5 completed washing cycles. But let’s do an example to explain this. If in your graph some lines are 100% that means your washing cycle is super-efficient!

Temperatures Usage

Another graph, another way to save! That graph shows the percentage of temperatures used in your washing cycles from the beginning of the product’s life. They are divided into three ranges: low- medium- high. Under the graph the app hOn gives you some advice to improve the way to use your appliance If you’re doing the right things (and so you’re saving energy and money) the app would say to you something like this: “Good! You are making the most of your machine load capacity”. It's a great ally, isn't it?

The energy bill increase is a sensitive and important subject. But with some advice the hOn app helps you save. The statistics section allows you to keep an eye on all your consumption. This way you can adjust and get the best out of your appliances without wasting too much.

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