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Are you using your microwave fully?

The Candy smart microwaves are created for all those who want to cook fast and delicious meals but also like to experiment with new ideas in the kitchen. Thanks to the Candy App you will have access to a whole world of dedicated content that will help you to use your microwave at its best and make the most of it in the smartest way.

Get inspired by new cooking ideas

If you think that cooking with a microwave is boring, Candy will make you change your mind! Open the “Recipes” section of the Candy App to discover 100+ dedicated recipes specifically created to cook delicious meals with your Candy smart microwave. Get daily cooking inspiration and also useful information about individual foods and nutrients according to your everyday habits and needs.

Get inspired by new cooking ideas
Discover new uses of microwave

There's so much more than just cooking you can do with your Candy smart microwave!! For example, did you know that you can use it to sterilize baby bottles? Or that putting oranges in the microwave will help you to squeeze them easily and get more juice? Access the “Tips & Tricks” section of the Candy App to learn everything about fast and simple cooking methods and find out some unexpected uses of your Candy smart microwave.

Discover new uses of microwave

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