How to clean your washing machine

How to clean your washing machine

Washing machines are our erstwhile companions when it comes to laundry. They’re reliable and efficient, saving us time and effort and ensuring we’ve got a steady supply of clean and fresh clothes for the entire family. 

Modern machines, like those in the Candy selection, boast a range of features that improve the life cycle of the appliance and improve its longevity to ensure you can rely on yours for longer. But even the best washing machines need to be maintained and kept in good, clean shape to ensure they don’t damage your clothes or make them smell.

And so, every so often, it’s important to take the time out to clean your washing machine – refreshing the drum and drain so that you avoid any unwanted odours that might arise. 

In this blog, we’re going to take you through how to clean washing machine appliances, giving you all the steps to clean out the drum and the pipes so that you can rest assured every laundry load is perfectly odour-free. 

Best tips and tricks for cleaning your washing machine 

Now we’ve looked at how often you should clean your appliance, let’s move on to the actual process of cleaning and how to get it right. 

  1. Choose the right product 
    When it comes to cleaning, you’ll need to pick the right solution to effectively clean your machine. The easiest solution is normally bleach, since it’s a mainstay of many kitchens so should be close enough to hand. You’ll want about a half cup of liquid bleach.
    Alternatively, you can also use cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for cleaning washing machines. These are generally the most efficient, but you’ll likely have to do a bit of shopping around to find them. 
  2. Run a cleaning cycle 
    Most contemporary appliances, like the Candy collection have their own washer cleaning cycle that’s expressly used for cleaning out the washing machine as efficiently as possible.
    This is the cycle you’ll need. Set the dial to the washer cleaning cycle and add your bleach or specialist washing machine cleaner into the dispenser drawer where you normally put your detergent. 
  3. Clean the drum 
    Front-loading washing machines make it easy to get inside the drum and clean out any mould or marks that might have appeared during the regular operation of the appliance. You can use a general kitchen spray here – carefully wipe down the drum, and then leave the door open to let it dry. 
  4. Clean the rubber components 
    Almost all washing machines use rubber as a sealant, with seals around the door to prevent the water of the washing machine leaking or spraying out on the floor and beyond.
    This rubber can collect a lot of moisture, so there’s a good chance any unpleasant smells are coming from here. Keep on top of mould by wiping them clean and letting them air dry. 
  5. Run a rinse and spin 
    Once you’ve done all of the above steps to clean out your washing machine, it’s time to give the drum another rinse and spin.
    These are dedicated cycles you can use which fill the drum with water, washing away any of the bleach or cleaning liquid and ensuring that any residue won’t harm or damage your clothes when you’re ready to start washing again.
    Set the dial to rinse and spin, or just rinse, and let it go. No need to add any extra detergent or liquid solutions – it should be done in 15-20 minutes. 

How often should I clean my washing machine? 

Before we dive into our guide, we’d best take a moment to ask how often we should go about cleaning our appliances to ensure the best quality service. 

To get rid of mould and nasty bacteria from your machine, and to prevent undesirable smells from contaminating your clothes, we’d recommend following the below steps to clean your appliance once a month

Doing so will prevent build ups which, as they stick around, will become much harder to remove than if you keep on top of things monthly. 

Why you should consider a Candy washing machine 

At Candy, we’re proud to have put together an extensive range of washing machines that are the perfect addition to any home – however many people need their laundry done. 

Our models feature a number of included programmes in their set, including rapid programmes which get your laundry done rapidly and to a high standard so that you’re always ready to go, and Hygiene programmes that use high temperatures to ensure successful eradication of bacteria and dirt, no matter how much you put your clothes through. 

They also boast features like Kilo Detectors – which sense the weight of your load and adjust the amount of water and electricity used – all to reduce waste, improve sustainability and get you more from every load. 

Ready to find out more? Visit the Candy washing machine catalogue today. 

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