Is it okay to put hot food in the fridge

Can you put hot food in the fridge?

Fridges are generally accepted to be one of the most helpful and valuable inventions to have come to our kitchens. They help keep our food fresh and safe for consumption and food preparation and storage would be much more difficult without them. 

Most modern fridges, like the Candy collection, feature a range of exciting additions like Smart Cool Sensors that adapt the settings of the the appliance to better manage food storage. 

But despite features like this, there are still a number of dos and don’ts when it comes to food storage in the fridge. One of the more prevailing possible facts that has arisen around cold storage is that you can’t store hot food in fridges – rather, you need to let it cool down before putting it on a fridge shelf. 

So is this true or false? Are we okay to put hot food in the fridge to let it cool down more quickly or do we have to wait for it to cool naturally? 

In this blog, we’ll find out the truth and explore some of the reasons behind it. 

Is it okay to put hot food in the fridge? 

The simple answer is yes, you can put hot food in the fridge – but it depends on how hot the food is. 

If the food you put in the fridge is too hot, the steam and heat will contribute to raising the overall temperature of the appliance. This extra heat can mean both the hot food and the other colder food in the fridge runs a higher risk of creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. And it’s this bacteria that makes food go bad. 

So to be sure, you should let piping hot food cool a little before it goes into the fridge. 

How much should I let food cool before refrigerating it? 

The following article from Allrecipes contains a handy guide for anyone wanting to know how much you should let your food cool before placing it in the fridge. 

According to the guidance, bacteria is most likley to grow on your food somewhere between 5 and 57 degrees celcius. So if the culminative high temperature of your food brings it above this point, you may be putting the rest of your food at risk of contamination. 

Because of that, your fridge’s temperature should always be kept below the 4 degrees celcius mark to ensure the best preservation of your food. Some fridges will have internatl temperatures that can show you whether the level has gone beyond that limit – if it has, you should take out some of the hotter foods. 

The truth is however, the time between your food cooling down and the fridge’s temperature rising beyond the bacteria-safe area will be minimal – so if you’re in a rush, you can store your hot food in the fridge quickly. It’s better than leaving it out in the open to become contaminated.

Can I help the food cool faster? 

Yes, one of the best ways to cool your food faster in the fridge is actually to split it into different containers like tupperware. 

When contained all together in one place, the food will expel more heat against the colder air. When contained apart, the food expels less hot air and will be far more likley to cool faster.

You can also take these containers and place them in or around ice, outside of the freezer. This will naturally surround the food with cold air, ensuring it can cool down quicker and keep the food protected from bacterial contamination.  

Why you should consider a Candy fridge 

At Candy, we’ve built up a comprehensive catalogue of refrigerator models that are the perfect addition to your home, giving you ample room and advanced functions to give you the means to feed and store food for your entire household

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In addition, most of our fridges are F Class when it comes to energy savings, better than the more widely sold G Class fridges which are 20% less efficient than F Class. These energy savings not only make your home more eco-friendly, but they’ll also save you money in the long run. 

Ready to find out more? Visit the Candy collection of fridges for more information. 

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