Appliance Guarantee

The Candy appliance automatically comes with a 12 month call out, parts and labour guarantee.

Providing that you register your purchase Candy guarantees all parts for your product for 10 years from the date of purchase. During the first year Candy approved engineers will replace all defective parts free of charge, except for parts subject to fair wear and tear, such as interior lamps. In years 2-10 replacement parts will be supplied free only if fitted in the UK or the Republic of Ireland by Candy and the appropriate labour charges paid.

To qualify for the benefits under the guarantee, you must be able to provide proof of date of purchase and the appliance must have been supplied, maintained and used in accordance with Candy instructions.

The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, loss or damage arising from the breakdown of the product.

The guarantee excludes:

  • Any faults which occur due to bad installation or misuse of the machine.
  • Repair of, or interference with, the machine by any person not authorised by the manufacturer
  • Any parts which are fitted to the machine which are not original manufacturers parts.
  • Non Domestic use of the machine.
  • Operation at incorrect voltage.
  • The result of using this machine for any purpose other than those described in the instruction manual

Fixed Price Repairs (Out of 12 month guarantee period)

  • The fixed price repair is inclusive of parts and labour.
  • Provided the parts are available at the first visit, we would aim to complete the repair on the first visit.
  • Once the repair is completed the repair is guaranteed for 12 months.
  • In the unlikely event that the appliance is beyond economical repair or cannot be repaired, you may be offered a new appliance at a reduced price inclusive of any Home delivery charges. If you prefer not to go ahead with the new appliance a Basic Call Out charge of £80 incl. vat will apply.
  • In the event that a fault cannot be identified and the appliance is functioning normally in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, a Basic Call Out charge of £80 incl. vat will apply. Please ensure that you have referred to your appliance instruction manual and are following the manufacturers operating instructions before reporting a fault and booking a call out.
  • Please ensure a responsible adult is present when our engineer calls, otherwise, we will not carry out the repair. In this situation, an additional Basic Call Out charge of £80 incl. vat will apply if we need to revisit the premises.

Fixed Price Repairs (Out of 12 month guarantee period)

  • Products up to 10 years old £160 incl. vat inclusive of labour and free parts
  • Products over 10 years old £170 incl. vat inclusive labour and parts

Basic Call Out charge (Where applicable)

  • £80 incl. VAT