How should I clean my oven to preserve it over time? Tips

How should I clean my oven to preserve it over time? Tips

Cleaning the oven is the stepping stone to ensure its correct operation

Cleaning the oven is essential, both to ensure a correct hygiene in the kitchen, and to always keep your appliance in good conditions, preventing the smell of previously cooked food from altering your dishes. Cleaning your oven may seem like a tiring task; however, with the right attentions and suitable product, it will be a breeze. Thanks to these simple tricks, you can clean your oven every time you use it and keep it impeccable.

The various available oven types

Before cleaning gets under way, you need to understand your oven model. There are many oven types available, but you’re most likely to have one of the following:

  • self-cleaning oven, i.e. a pyrolytic oven that gets hot enough to effectively reduce dirt and residues to ash, which can then be removed with a cloth;
  • oven with self-cleaning panels, which are coated in a porous enamel that absorbs the dirt generated when the oven is in use;
  • Oven with hydrolytic cleaning: this kind of oven includes the Aquactiva program, which helps soften residues with steam, making it easier to clean;
  • classic oven, hich instead has to be manually cleaned and degreased.

These different types of oven require different cleaning methods. While for self-cleaning, pyrolysis-based ovens and those boasting self-cleaning panels and with hydrolytic cleaning, you’ll only have to clean the internal racks with soap and water, traditional ovens instead require specific products, which can be either natural or chemical.

How to clean a caked oven

To tackle dirt and facilitate day-to-day cleaning, iCandy pyrolytic and hydrolytic ovens feature a special shape on the bottom, with a cavity to add water that evaporates and dissolves grease and food residues.

Once the oven has cooled down, remove the internal racks and use the professional oven, rack and barbecue degreaser by Care+Protect, perfect for all kinds of ovens, which removes caked greased even at room temperature.

Obviously, don’t forget the inside of the oven. In order to remove all residues, follow the steps below:

  • Spray the same product you used on the racks also inside the oven and let it stand for a few minutes.
  • Then use an abrasive sponge and a spatula on the dirtiest or burned areas
  • Once your oven is clean, rinse the surface with a cloth soaked in water and dry. 

How to clean the oven: outside and glass

Of course, you need to clean the oven from top to bottom. Often, when cleaning the inside, we don’t pay enough attention to the glass. Actually, this is one of the parts that gets dirty more easily. To solve this issue, just use the multi-surface degreaser. Depending on your oven type, you can choose the best option.

In addition, the multi-surface degreaser helps you clean the outside of the oven with ease. As for the racks, spray the product on the affected area and let it stand. Then, with a wet sponge, remove any product residues and dry with a cotton cloth.

Hydrolytic steam cleaning, how does it work?

The hydrolytic steam method is yet another oven-cleaning solution, which consists in placing a given amount of water in the oven cavity and switching on the appliance.

All the Candy Smart Steam ovens are equipped with this cleaning system, which is effective at just 90°C. So, how does it work? Simply pour 300 ml of distilled water into the oven cavity, heating for 30 minutes and turning the dial to select the Acquactiva function: the water will subsequently be vaporized and the steam produced melts or, in any case, softens the dirt, making it much easier to remove. All you’ll need is a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt residues.

A memo is always helpful!

As we said, cleaning your oven regularly makes it last longer and helps preserve its performance and efficiency. To remind you of this, Candy helps you with the hOn app. By connecting your smart appliance to the app, you will have access to a world of additional contents, such as remote control functions and a database with over 250 recipes searched just for you; in addition, hOn will also monitor your oven use and warn you with a notification when it’s time to clean it! Easy, right?

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