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With Candy RapidÒ saving time is possible. Daily

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Discover whole range
The most complete set of 9 rapid programmes on the market

With Candy RapidÓ you don’t have to choose anymore between saving time or perfect laundry results; thanks to the ultimate technology of the Speed Drive Motor, cleaning action is boosted by up to 50% (compared to traditional motors) guaranteeing the best results ever for quick cycles.

Maximum hygiene in less than one hour

Choose the “Daily Hygiene” rapid programme on your RapidÓ washing machine for perfect sanitation and deep cleaning of your clothes. Taking just 59’, this function will maintain the same 60°C temperature for the whole cycle allowing protection from allergens, germs and bacteria and other factors that can impact on your health for the whole family in a short amount of time. And now that following the health emergency, face masks have become part of our daily lives, we have introduced two new dedicated washing cycles available via simply-Fi App. Masks Sanitization and Masks Refresh programmes, will allow you to have sanitized face masks, reduce the consumption and protect the environment.

Maximum hygiene
Your daily laundry has never been so quick

Are you ready for a new experience? With the exclusive Snap&Wash function on the Candy simply-Fi App, you can find out which cycle is best suited to your laundry just using your smartphone! Just snap a photo of the pile of mixed garments to get the best fastest programme. It also automatically sets the right temperature and spin speed. A smart way to save time.

Daily laundry
A larger door makes it easier to load and unload your washing

The innovative ergonomic design of Candy RapidÓ washing machine has been developed to make your laundry experience stress-free. The door is larger and higher to make loading and unloading your washing machine, and selecting your wash program, effortless and easy.

Super comfort
A washer that dialogues with you

RapidÓ smart washing machine is equipped with a Wi-Fi connectivity system to improve your user experience. Washing tips and support in your own language are always handy. Through Candy simply-Fi App you can dialogue with RapidÓ and the washing machine will answer your questions on ideal washing, stains removal and a lot more.

Weather forecast for your laundry

Can I hang out my laundry? Your simply-Fi App has the answer! Thanks to the exclusive Weather feature, you can receive a notification that warns you if it will rain after washing! In this way, you can decide whether to start the wash immediately or postpone it until the sun returns!

Weather forecast for your laundry
A reminder always in your pocket

Is non-routine washing your nightmare? Don't worry, if you need a reminder to wash curtains, bed linen and other items that are not part of your daily laundry, set the Memo Smart Wash function on your simply-Fi: you can decide when to receive the notification on your smartphone and about which of the programs that you have previously set.

A reminder always in your pocket
Best in class

Thanks to the new Speed Inverter Motor, RapidÓ washing machine delivers great performances with maximum efficiency. According to the new European legislation*, its energy efficiency class is A, which corresponds to the previous A+++ class.

*applying from 1 March 2021

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