Organize at best your pantry and fridge

Organize at best your pantry and fridge

Large family, smart organization.

It’s not easy to organize a pantry and a fridge. Even more if you have numerous family.
But don’t worry: there are some little tricks that can help you better organize your spaces, so you won't have difficulty in everyday moments.
With our tips, you will discover on how to keep shelves tidy so that you can make big stocks or cook all that you want for everyone in your large family, from dinners to lunch breaks or school snacks.

Baskets are the secret.

Tell the truth, how many empty and meaningless boxes do you have scattered around the house? Boxes, baskets and straw baskets reign supreme in the rooms of your home, in the wardrobes, in the closets. Therefore they can play a decisive role in your pantry. Fill them with canned foods, dividing them by category (sauces, vegetables, pickles, etc ...). You can also use the straw ones for things like napkins and tablecloths.

Drawer dividers help a lot!

Have you ever had that feeling that your pantry drawers are like black holes in which all things can disappear at any moment? They do not despair! The secret is to organize the drawers, separating the products with dividers. For example, you can recycle cardboard or pieces of wood and arrange them in the drawers to divide the cereals from the ready-made sauces, the forks from the knives or even the bread from the canned food.

Nice jars

Maybe you have seen in some houses some beautiful glass jars that contain dry pasta, rice, salt or coffee. Besides being very nice aesthetically, they are perfect for organizing space. In fact, they take up less volume than packaging and since they are transparent, they allow you to find quickly what you’re looking for.

Hang a pegboard

Instead of stacking pots and pans and taking up a lot of space, use a pegboard on a free wall. This way your bulky items will be easy to grasp, won't take up space and will also be nice to look at.

Hide the lids behind the door.

After you have arranged the pots it’s time to find space for their lids and the solution can be a door rack. And once the door is closed you will never see anything. Simple, practical and also pretty to look at.

Optimize spices.

With all the space you've recovered you can save even more by storing all the spices in one place. Find an empty space to store all your spices, put them in jars instead of their boxes, and write the name on labels to be even more organized.

Transform spaces.

The space in your house is not enough and you don’t have a dedicated room for the pantry, right? Do not despair! You can transform a corner of your kitchen or corridor into a beautiful pantry just by buying a modular shelf with many shelves, and that’s it!

Ok, but the fridge?

You are right. The other component of your home that needs a little tidying is definitely the fridge.
You can start by dividing the internal food compartments. Ok, but you have a large family, so you need a lot of space to suit your needs. In short, you need Candy Fresco. With a height of 193 cm and a width of 70 cm, the Candy Fresco combi fridge guarantees an additional storage capacity of 50%. Do you think it's over? You can also move the shelves and balconies and do more than 100 different combinations of internal layout combinations to store what in want in the way you want.

If you have a large family, optimizing space is important. Now that you know all the tips to better organize your pantry and your fridge you will no longer have to worry about running out of space.

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