4 tips to face the routine after the summer holidays.

4 tips to face the routine after the summer holidays.

When the holidays end, the daily routine begins!

We all know how hard is to come back to reality after the summer holidays.
Every year it is always the same story: summertime is for switching off and relaxing as the holidays arrive. Some prefer to spend them by the sea, some others in the mountains or simply at home with their loved ones. As they arrive they go and, unfortunately, they always end too soon and we have to get back to our daily routine.
But don’t worry: we’re here to make everything easier.
Go ahead to read our tips.

Unpack and do laundry

Don’t lie. Looking at the suitcases full of costumes, slippers, beach towels and sunscreen, makes you feel sad. Now it’s time to fix nostalgia with a little normality. So arm yourself with patience, empty your bags and start doing laundry. You can start in a classic way, separating the clothes according to colors and fabrics and then choosing the right program. Otherwise, with Candy RapidÒ and the in-app Snap&Wash you can make everything easier. How? Take a picture of the pile of clothes and the hOn App will automatically recommend you the ideal program.

Get back into your food habits.

Your diet is one thing that you have certainly changed during the holidays.
Even the strictest ones during the holidays let themselves go (and who blames you!).

If are looking for cooking inspiration for your big comeback in the kitchen, let us help you with some tasty recipes on the Candy website or download the hOn app, where you can find a world of tasty tips&tricks.

Catch up on your sleep.

Let's face it. Holidays can be refreshing and restful, but they can also be physically tiring.
So it’s important to recover lost hours of sleep and, above all - in view of the morning alarm that will sound again - to establish a sleep routine that can make you face the long days of work.
Some tips?
Try to avoid alcohol or caffeine late in the day and in the evening drink a relaxing herbal tea and relax on the sofa.

Focus on your passions and hobbies.

During the holidays you will surely have made room for your hobbies. But it doesn't mean that you have to leave them behind, returning to your daily habits. Indeed, a routine is important to regain all the habits that make you feel better. Some examples? If you were a gym member, sign up again. If you were focused on running, start over. If you are a theater lover, why not take advantage of the seasonal re-opening for season tickets?

Now that you are back from the holidays, with these tiny but effective tips you will be able to deal with your daily routine.

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