How to install a fridge?

How to install a fridge? Difference between free-standing and built-in

Find out the simple rules that need to be followed to ensure you correctly deal with the issue of how to install a fridge in your home

The simple truth is that no fridge or other kitchen appliance lasts forever. At some point, you are going to need to replace your appliances, including your fridge. This can be considered a good thing as newer fridges tend to be more energy efficient, effectively saving you money on your energy bill.

Of course, a good refrigerator doesn’t just fit into your kitchen properly, it also optimizes the preservation of the food. The question you need to ask before looking at how to install a fridge is what type of fridge do you want. The type you choose will help to shape your kitchen.

Built-in versus free-standing fridge

The biggest difference between fridges is whether they are built-in or free-standing. Both work in the same way.

The free-standing refrigerator is designed to stand by itself. It can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen and needs no support to stay in position. This type of fridge can be just a fridge or a fridge/freezer and it’s available in an array of sizes.

The built-in fridge is designed to sit inside a cupboard. In essence, it’s the same as a free-standing fridge. But, the front door isn’t finished in the same way. Instead, the door has attachments that allow a cupboard door to be fitted. This effectively hides the built-in fridge inside your cupboards.

Built-in fridges tend to be smaller but it is possible to get an upright fridge/freezer that is completely hidden in your cupboard.

What are the best fridges? A guide to choosing

If you’re ready to replace your fridge then you’ll be wondering what is the best fridge. The answer is simple, you just need to look at the manufacturers with the best reputations. For example, Candy's free-standing or built-in refrigerators are perfect for storing food optimally thanks to their advanced technology and connection to the hOn app. It’s fair to say they are one of the best on the market and, they are very durable, making them a great investment.

Naturally, you can help to make your fridge last and always smell fresh and look like new with Care+Protect Rapid Action Fridge Hygenizer. Looking after any appliance makes sense if you want to maximize its lifespan.

If you’re still not convinced then chat to friends and look at social media, you’ll instantly find that certain products, such as those offered by Candy, get the best reviews.

Benefits of built-in smart refrigerators

Free-standing fridges can be a good choice. But, there are several benefits to choosing a built-in refrigerator.

  • The Look

The most obvious benefit is the look of your kitchen. With built-in appliances you have a seamless row of cupboard doors, creating a stunning effect. The appliances are still there but only you know where!

  • Customizable

You may not realize it but built-in fridges can be customized to fit your needs. The outside colour and style are chosen to match your kitchen door pattern. The inside can be almost any design you can think of.

  • Durable

Because built-in fridges are protected by cupboard doors they are less likely to be abused by users. For example, many people open a fridge by the corner, even though that means they are pulling on the seal, not the handle. Built-in fridges eliminate this issue and, with less stress are likely to last longer.

You can choose which type of fridge to install and then, once it is in position and has been left to settle for 24 hours, plug it in and let it start doing its job.

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