Which detergent to use for baby’s laundry

Which detergent to use for baby’s laundry and when to change it

Learn how to do baby laundry, specifically understanding what detergent to use for babies and other useful facts that every parent needs to know

The good news is that the days of handwashing are long gone. Modern washing machines usually have a hand wash setting, like the Candy WOOL / HAND WASH program for very delicate garments and wool, along with different options for delicate garments. That makes it much easier to get baby laundry right.

Of course, there are still a few things to consider to ensure you avoid common washing machine errors and use the right baby detergent.

Know Your Washing Machine

The first step is to read your washing machine manual. This is probably something you have never done before. In fact, despite the array of program options, you have probably chosen one or two and just use those.

If you want to get the baby wash right, it is time to learn about what your machine can and can’t do. The best way of doing this is to read the manual.

Follow Instruction Labels

Another important step in successful baby laundry is to look at the instructions on the labels. These are written to help you use the right wash cycle for baby clothes and the way your washing machine was manufactured. The instructions will be based on the type of material each item is made from.

If you have a mixture of wash requirements it is usually best to select the one that is most delicate and use that for the whole load.

Choosing The Right Detergent

Of course, the key to baby laundry is actually knowing what detergent to use for babies. Baby skin is very sensitive and is likely to react badly to any detergent that has harsh chemicals in it. Choose a detergent that is designed for babies and one that is intended to create a delicate but pleasing aroma.

A good starting point is to make garments scented with Care+Protect 100% Pure Essence Concentrated Laundry Perfume. Its formula is made up of 100% concentrated perfume, ensuring greater intensity than other laundry perfumes. At the same time, it is gentle enough to be used on baby laundry.

Don’t Forget your Machine

To ensure maximum cleanliness of your clothes and those of your children, remember that maintenance of the washing machine is also important. With Care+Protect washing machine tabs you can remove any detergent and washing residue.

Your machine may also have instructions regarding how often to rinse it and other tips to ensure it remains clean and ready for use at all times. It is important to follow these instructions and to keep your washing machine hygienic and efficient with the Care+Protect 3 in 1 Limescale remover-Degreaser-Hygienic cleaner.

The right product, like Candy's RapidÓ washing machine, can make a big difference to the success of your baby laundry.

It is also advisable to be cautious about what other items are washed in the machine, especially with the baby laundry. For example, pet hair can irritate babies. If you have pets, make sure items covered in their hair are washed separately. You may even want to wash them at your local launderette instead.

Final Baby Laundry Thoughts

Getting the baby laundry right can seem daunting the first few times you do it. But, by adopting a proven approach, following the instructions, and using the right detergent, you will find that it quickly becomes easy.

Your baby may not be able to thank you for caring for their laundry. But, your machine and you will know you are doing your best with the baby laundry, and that is what counts.

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