Candy Wine Cooler and hOn App: a winning team

Candy Wine Cooler and hOn App: a winning team

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There’s nothing better than a glass of wine after an exhausting day, especially if it has been preserved at the ideal temperature. For this reason, you cannot do without the Candy Wine Cooler, which is designed not only to keep your bottles cool, but also to maintain them all at the ideal temperature for the best wine experience.

The icing on the cake: its hOn App features, which make everything smarter and easier. In this article, we will discover how to use some of them in order to find the best cooking inspirations and food pairings, as well as keeping track of your wine timeline. Access your Candy hOn App and let’s take the first steps together.

Inspire Me section

Once you open the App, you will find an intuitive menu.

Today we will focus on the Inspire Me section. As you can see, by selecting the type of food you’re going to cook, the App will suggest you the best wine to pair. Let’s make an example.

You want to prepare a romantic fish dinner and make a good impression by matching each dish to the right wine.

You have a sushi aperitif, followed by a starter of shellfish, and seafood risotto, and to round off a perfect meal, strawberry ice cream. Well, for each of all your dishes you just need to select your items on the list and you will find out the optimal pairings according to your stored wines or your wine history. Are you out of the right wine? Don’t worry: you will be redirected to Vivino, where you can buy the ideal one. 

Wine History section

We’ve just seen that food pairings are also based on your wine history.

But how do you consult and build a wine history?

Don’t panic: it is simpler than it seems. 

Just open the App and access to the Wine Cooler App dashboard.

Here, you will see:

  • the Last Uploads, where you can consult the last wine scanned
  • the Favourites section, where you can find the wine you loved the most
  • the Wine history section, where you can check all your wine activities.

Let’s focus on the last one. Here, you can consult a sort of timeline that keeps track of all your scanned wines, broken down by dates.

How can it be useful? Let’s make an example.

During your last holiday in Tuscany, you drank different Chianti Wines, but one of them was incredibly tasty. Unfortunately, you don’t remember its name and not even its cellar. The only thing you remember is that you drank it to celebrating your friend’s birthday on the 23rd of August and you scanned it to consult all the information. Well, just check your activities on that date and there you have it. Easy, isn’t it?

That’s it for today. But the hOn App comes with a world of other features that can make your toast even smarter. Are you curious? Visit this page to discover them all.


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