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fabric softener in the washing wachine

Where does fabric softener go in washing machine?

Fabric softener is an essential part of the washing process. This guide will teach you how to use it properly and get perfect results every time.

To properly understand where does fabric softener go you first need to discover what this compound is and why it should be administered to your wash. Once you’ve discovered how to use it properly it can revolutionize your washing!

What does fabric softener do?

Fabric softener should be considered a vital ingredient in any wash cycle. It is effectively a protective coat that envelopes your clothes. Fabric softeners can soak into each fibre of your wash and soften them. In short, it helps to keep your clothes soft and fresh feeling, no matter how many times you wash them.

Of course, the right product makes a big difference. For an optimal result, use Care Plus Protect Pure Essence concentrated laundry perfume: your laundry will never have been so fragrant!

Fabric softener doesn’t just soften clothes. If you’re wondering what does fabric softener do then you’ll be interested to know it can help reduce pilling and fading. These are common side effects of daily wear.

Do I have to use fabric softener?

The short answer is no. But, you should consider the benefits of fabric softener. These include:
• Help your clothes feel soft and smell nice
• Reduce friction in the material making ironing easier
Protects clothes and colours
• Reduction in water absorption reduces drying time
Lowers static clothing, this is particularly beneficial when dealing with synthetic fabrics

It may not be essential but it is certainly beneficial. Combine a good fabric softener with the Candy RapidÒ washing machine you will always have perfect laundry thanks to its Hygiene Plus program, ideal for deeply removing allergens and odors.

Where to put fabric softener in washing machine

The key elements of a successful washing cycle are the correct dosage of detergent, the right temperature, and fabric softener. Many people wonder about how to use fabric softener and can you use fabric softener as detergent, the simple answer is that it's different to detergent. Detergent is designed to loosen debris in clothing and for it to be washed away as it will cling to water. Fabric softener clings to the fibers of your clothes and protects them.

It should be noted that when asking ‘is fabric conditioner the same as fabric softener?’ The answer is yes, they are simply two names for the same product.

When debating where does fabric softener go you will need to look for the fabric softener symbol. It will be marked on the drawer at the top of your machine. This is usually the partially covered section.

All you have to do is pour a little into the drawer, to the mark indicated. You can do this before you start the washing cycle, the machine knows when to release the fabric softener and the compartment is closed until then.

It’s a good idea to check the compartment periodically to ensure the fabric softener is being pulled through. Washing machines are usually very good at this but the siphon tube can occasionally be blocked. Flushing it with warm water will make sure it remains clear.

What does fabric softener do when is released

The fabric softener is released as the machine does its final rinse. This has allowed time for the clothes to wash using detergent. As they are rinsed the softener will permutate through the fibres and do its job. It is important not to overfill the compartment. If you do this the softener will release immediately. This affects the efficiency of your detergent and prevents the clothes from softening properly.

Where to put fabric softener in washing machine: final thoughts

The answer to where to put fabric softener in washing machine is surprisingly simple, add it to the indicated compartment and avoid putting it directly on clothes.

But, the real takeaway from this isn’t where to put your fabric softener, it should be how important it is to include it in every wash. It will help your clothes to last longer and remain looking, (and smelling), fantastic.

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