How to make the most of your Candy RapidÒ

How to make the most of your Candy RapidÒ

Candy RapidÒ: the washing machine designed to simplify your schedule

What if a washing machine simplifies your daily schedule? With Candy RapidÒ is possible. Designed to save you effort and time, it comes with a world of smart features and useful functions that will make your laundry a piece of cake. Read our article to discover how you can be a laundry PRO, by making the most of this appliance.

Try the Snap&Wash feature to find the ideal cycle

Which is the ideal washing cycle for my garments? Choosing it has never been so easy! Thanks to the Snap & Wash feature on your hOn App, you can find out which is the best program suited to your laundry amount, and color, by just taking a snap of your garments. Phone in your hands and… cheese!

Enjoy 40+ cycles to match all your laundry needs

When it comes to doing laundry, most of us toss in our t-shirts and trousers and start the Regular cycle. Well, keep doing the same thing with your RapidÒ it’s a pity! In fact, we suggest you use it at its full potential. How? Open the Candy hOn App and access a list of more than 40 washing programs. Then enjoy the guided washing via App to match all your laundry needs. In this way, you can keep the quality and colour of your garments last longer.

Control your washer remotely, from wherever you are

Start and stop the washing or drying cycle anytime, wherever you are via the Candy hOn App and enjoy maximum flexibility. Plus, you can get end-of-cycle notifications and start a specific phase of gentle movements remotely to keep your laundry always fresh!

Discover smart tips and tricks to simplify your laundry

Learn how to take care of your garments with the smart tips section on the Candy hOn App. Open it and solve any doubt about specific colours or fabrics, stubborn stains, detergent dosing, maintenance and much more.

Extend the life of your washer with real-time statistics

In the statistic section, you can check the maintenance status of your appliance in order to extend its life, by preventing malfunction. The hOn app will suggest when to clean the filter, when to set the drum cleaning cycle, how to solve issues by yourself and much more. Plus you can check consumption, compare the actual amount of washed laundry to the suggested one and learn how to optimize your washing machine usage to make it more efficient.

Enjoy the Rapid Cycles and save time

Candy RapidÓ washing machine comes with 9 different rapid cycles, while the washer dryer comes with 6 rapid cycles. All of them are designed to satisfy your washing needs in less than one hour without giving up on the best results. Enjoy them all and dedicate the saved time to the things you love the most.

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