What happens if you overload the washer or drier? Tips for best use

What happens if you overload the washer or drier? Tips for best use

Knowing how much to fill your washer and dryer is essential, in order to have a clean, fragrant and dry laundry. Here is how to use these two appliances in the best way possible and wash your laundry well.

Are you wondering what happens if you overload the washer or drier? The answer is simple: your laundry won't be perfectly clean or dry. Indeed, if the load cannot rotate freely in the basket, washing and drying won't be effective.

Let's see the most useful tips to fill your washer and drier correctly.

Understanding how much you should fill your washer and drier

Filling the washer and drier in the right way is essential. These two appliances are designed to wash and dry a certain quantity of clothes. How can you know the maximum weight of the load? The allowed quantity is stated on the basket opening. You should never exceed it, and the ideal load should always be below the stated weight.

In order to load them correctly, you should measure the weight of your load before starting the washing cycle. The most reliable method is to place your dry laundry on the scale, while a quick and simple solution is to leave a free space in the basket as big as a fist. This way, the washer won't be overloaded and the clothes will move freely, without getting too wrinkled.

If you have both a washer and a drier, make sure you opt for two models with the same loading capacity. Even better if, to obtain both results, you can use a single appliance, just like Candy Smart Pro Inverter washer-drier: you will have clean and dry clothes in just a few simple steps. And all thanks to the Speed Inverter Motor that improves the wash efficiency, with greater accuracy, less noise, and improved durability, and also the Quick&Clean system that improves the cleaning action during the washing cycle.

How to wash your clothes with the washer properly: useful tips

In order to wash the clothes correctly, there are a series of common errors that should be avoided. In particular, when you load the washer, keep three aspects in mind.

  1. How dirty your clothes are: if the clothes are really dirty with stains all over, you should leave more space than usual in the basket, so that the washer can work to the best of its ability. In this case, right after the wash, use the right products to clean the washer, such as Care+Protect cleaning tabs, to remove foul smell, residues and dirt.
  2. Appliance capacity: as we mentioned earlier, washers have a variable capacity, ranging from 5 to 12 kilos. Observing the manufacturer's indications for each model is essential, if you want to wash your clothes well.
  3.  Type of program selected: the quantity of clothes you can wash also depends on the program you selected, such as rapid, mixed, delicates, etc.

Loading the washer based on the program selected

Modern washers have many washing programs designed to meet different needs. Usually the instructions manual provides information on how much you should load your appliance, based on the type of washing cycle selected.

Here are a few examples of the most used programs.

  • Cotton: fill the basket, without overloading it.
  • Synthetic or mixed load: never fill the basket all the way, or you'll ruin your laundry.
  • Delicates: fill the basket only halfway, to prevent the fabrics from rubbing against each other.

From now on, you'll never have any issues when loading your washer or drier. Thanks to these tips, you will have all the information to wash and dry your clothes in the best way possible.

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