How to organize a chest freezer

How to organize a chest freezer

Those who have a large family know full well how important a Chest freezer can be to your home.

In fact, with more storage capacity than an upright freezer, these handy appliances are designed to store a large supply of food. Better yet, they can accommodate larger and more oddly shaped items that may be difficult to place in a standard model.

But if it’s not well-organised, finding anything in a great pile of food can be a very difficult task. In this article we will give you some useful tips to better organise your chest freezer to help make your life that much easier.

And if you’re in the market for an upright freezer, we can help with our complete selection of options to suit every taste.

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Three tips for organising your fridge

  1. Categorise your food.
    First of all, sort your food into different categories, such as meat, fish, veggies, bread and pre-made frozen meals.

    Then get yourself some freezer bags with labels to pack your food in meal-sized portions. After that, write on the label the name of the food and the date of freezing.

    Once everything has been neatly labelled and portioned, place it into the boxes one by one, using a single box for each food category. In this way, if you’re looking for anything, you’ll know exactly where to look.

    When arranging the containers, try to put the one dedicated to holding the fresh food along the inner wall – this is the coolest area – and organise the others according to what you use the most.
  2. Make an inventory of your food.
    With chest freezers, it can become very easy to just load it up and entirely forget what you’ve got in there. And that can lead to food wastage.

    You can easily find some printable freezer inventory templates online that you can fill out and stick on your freezer. This makes it much easier to remember what you’ve got and what you need.

    Just be careful that the template includes the following fields:

    - the name of the category of the food
    - the list of what’s in each category and the relative amount
    - the date of freezing
  3. Freezer storage times
    Now that we know how to organise a chest freezer, it’s time to think about storage times. How long does food last in the freezer?
    To help you work it all out, we’ve created a chart that can help you a lot with managing time spans.
BREAD AND DESSERTBaked unfrosted cake2-3
BREAD AND DESSERTBaked frosted cake1
MEATLamb and veal9
MEATPork chops4-6
MEATChicken and turkey (whole)12
MEATBacon and sausages1-2
SEAFOODLean fish6
SEAFOODFatty fish2-3
SEAFOODCooked fish4-6
DAIRY AND EGGSHard and soft cheese6
FRUIT AND VEGETABLESMeat broth or sups2-3

Now you know how to organise your freezer, make an inventory of everything inside and store food for the right amount of time, you’re all set to make the absolute most of your appliance. 

Choosing your freezer

Here at Candy, we’ve got a complete collection of different freezer options for your home – each one built with leading technology to preserve your frozen goods for longer.

With a range of sizes to complement any household, and also featuring a collection of different colours to effortlessly match the decor of your utility and laundry rooms, these are freezers that work for budget and taste.

Looking for your brand-new freezer? Pay a visit to our freezer page today.

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