Home decor color trends for summer 2022

Home decor color trends for summer 2022

Like every year, the Pantone Colour Institute has published a list of trendy colors for the fashion spring/summer season of 2022.

These chromatic choices promote the sentiments of spontaneity and simplicity, while “celebrating our desire to break boundaries and our fervent need for playful creativity”, as Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, said.

And, as often happens, fashion trends affect design trends. This means that we will see these trendy colors even in our houses.

For this reason, we have selected the five that stood out the most and, in our opinion, can give your house a complete makeover.

Keep reading to discover more!

  1. Cascade - Pantone 14-5713 TCX
    A shade of green water, that is connected to the cleansing water, a refreshing color, which can be used in many ways! Some examples?
    This is a great choice for the living room or the kitchen: it goes perfectly with parquet or modern black appliances. Use it to paint a whole wall, or choose some Cascade furnishing elements such as an armchair, a vase for your flower or some cushions for the sofas.
  2. Coral Rose - Pantone 16-1349
    This vivid floral tone is ideal to bring a sense of authenticity, infusing energy and optimism. This is perfect for a timeless-classic home style. Better when combined with deep grey, neutral-tone or wooden furniture. For example, if you have a cream-colored sofa, you can opt for a Coral Rose carpet or cushions.
  3. Super Sonic - Pantone 18-4143
    Intense, vibrant and electric, the Super Sonic is a color that should be used sparingly, but If it's well balanced, it can add a creative twist to your house. In our opinion, it gives its best when combined with a white floor or light wood. Use it to paint a whole wall of your minimal living room or bedroom, paired with some black and white pictures. Moreover, you can use it for your white kitchen, choosing some Super Sonic crockery, placemats or napkins.
  4. Popcorn - Pantone 12-0825
    The superpower of this color is that it can warm and bright even the rooms shaded with the coldest colors. It is perfect to paint the bedroom walls, but we like it alsowhen used for some furnishing elements with a pop look, such as lamps, ornaments, armchairs or mirror frames.
  5. Potpourri - Pantone 13-2004
    If you like pastel colors, this is the one for you. Romantic and fresh, this is a very light pink usable in many ways. It gives its best when matched with grey, oil green and light wood. For example, if you have an oil-green wall, you can opt for a Potpourri sofa or armchairs. It is very nice also when combined with white kitchen cabinets: you can choose some Potpourri hanging cups or dishtowels or opt for some Potpourri stools or chairs.

Now you just have to put into practice these smart tips and give a touch of color to your house!

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