Secrets for perfect meat cooking
Secrets for perfect meat cooking

Although many people are nervous about cooking, it  doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you are cooking succulent red meat roasts, impressive whole chickens or more sophisticated meat such as lamb, there are some simple ways to achieve great results and to delight even the most demanding guests. Here are some meat dishes chosen for you by our cooking experts.

Red meat

For optimally cooked roast red meat, it is essential to preserve the juices inside the meat and to avoid overcooking it. A perfect roast should be pale inside, with various shades of pink and red. Seal the meat and form an outer crust by setting your connected Candy oven to 250 °C and then lowering the temperature for the second stage of cooking. Another tip: only season once the meat has been cooked or when it is served. This prevents juice from escaping.

White meat

Unlike red meat, white meat requires the heat from the connected Candy oven to evenly penetrate it, avoiding any red or barely cooked parts. You should therefore not set a high temperature during the first stage and it is not necessary to form an outer crust. Bear in mind that not all white meat is the same.


Lamb deserves a special mention, since it usually has to be cooked twice. Shoulder and leg are the most suitable cuts for roasting in the oven: they should be cooked for around 80-90 minutes at 180 °C. Cook the whole piece for one hour, then take it out of the connected Candy oven, cut it up and put it back to cook for the remaining time.

There are a few simple tricks for perfectly cooked meat, which the advanced technology of Candy’s connected oven will make even tastier. Simply access the simply-Fi app from your smartphone and select the type of meat to receive recipes and step-by-step suggestions, which will enhance the characteristics of your dishes. Whether white or red, in Candy’s connected oven your meat will always be cooked to perfection!   

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