How to double the space in your wardrobe

How to double the space in your wardrobe

Let’s face it: there never seems to be enough space in your wardrobe. Among all the jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts and accessories, you often find yourself staring at the wardrobe thinking “Where can I put the last suit that I bought?”. And while clothes become more numerous, the space where you store them remains the same size, especially if you do not live in a palace!

However, there are some tricks to double the capacity of the wardrobe and to enable us to store all the elements of our daily outfit in a practical, tidy manner.

Here are some tips to make the most of the available space in your wardrobe. After reading them, we assure you that a cluttered wardrobe  will no longer drive you crazy every time you open it to get dressed!

Slim hangers

Yes, wooden hangers are beautiful and durable, lending your wardrobe a touch of elegance, but they also usually take up more space. The first step is therefore to replace them with slim plastic or aluminium hangers which, as well as being cheaper, barely take up any space.

Wardrobe shoe rack

Tired of using the bottom of your wardrobe to store your shoes? To solve this problem, you can use a wardrobe shoe rack that can be hung on the doors. This way you will have even more free corners to use for the rest of your things.

Hanging shelves

Especially in this season, sweaters are among the most used garments in our wardrobe. However, since hanging them up is likely to ruin them and take up extra space, the best  way to arrange them is to fold them and stack them on top of each other. To  utilise hanging space and  avoid them being filled with bulky jumpers , use fabric hanging shelves.

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