Dryer programmes: a guide to correct usage

Dryer programmes: a guide to correct usage

Especially at this time of year, when bad weather and the cold prevent us from drying our clothes in the sun, the dryer becomes an invaluable tool for our laundry. This is why it is important to know how to use it correctly, by always having the right answer to the questions “How do I use it?” and “Which programme should I choose?”.

First of all, to avoid damaging your laundry, it is important to learn how to read labels, to separate garments according to their fibres and to pay attention to the different temperatures that each fabric requires to dry. By adopting these simple measures you can dry each fibre with a targeted cycle: your garments will last longer and will always stay in perfect condition.

One of the worst mistakes is always choosing the same drying cycle, out of habit or laziness. Take advantage of all the options offered by the appliance: you will learn how to most effectively dry each fibre and you will find it easier to choose the best programme to save time and money. Use the “Delicate” cycle to safely dry fabrics such as wool or silk and take advantage of the “Steam” function to save time and to avoid ironing clothes and bed linen. When setting the drying cycle, do not underestimate the importance of temperature: not only does it affect the way clothes are dried, but it also influences whether mites and bacteria are eliminated.

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