4 easy and delicious back-to-school snacks

4 easy and delicious back-to-school snacks

The back-to-school snacks

September can be a hard month. And it could be for several reasons: the end of holidays, the end of summer and with that the back-to-school. A difficult time for children, but that can be relieved with a few little tricks like a new backpack, a new pencil case and ... snacks that can brighten the days.
But what kind of snacks can be perfect for a good back-to-school? Sweet? Salty?
For us, the perfect snack can be both, as long as it is easy to prepare (and to eat of course!).
This article shows you some little secrets to preparing delicious snacks with your microwave that will make your baby’s day.
Keep reading to discover them all or if you have the Candy hOn App, access it and get inspired by a world of many other dedicated recipes!

So, are you ready? Let’s have fun!

Stuffed focaccia with ham and provolone

Why not start with a classic?
Everyone likes it and even more if stuffed with cooked ham and provolone! A simple and tasty snack that will surely make everyone happy.

8 focaccia bread
120gr of coated ham
80gr of provolone

So simple that it is difficult to write the steps to do it. Cut in half part the focaccia bread. Then fill it with the slices of ham and provolone. But hey, here's a little secret to make it perfect: once filled with the ingredients, heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes at 650W. A delicious crust will form on it!

Stuffed sandwiches

Similar to stuffed focaccia but not the same. Another classic that with just a few ingredients will bring a smile back to your children's mouths.

8 sandwiches
150 gr of cooked ham
150 gr of cheddar cheese

As the stuffed focaccia cut the bread in half part. Fill the sandwiches with slices of ham and cheddar. Then insert in the microwave and start cooking at 650W for 2 minutes.

Chicken Wrap

We are pretty sure that a wrap comes close to the perfect snack.
And if it is a chicken wrap with mayo, what more could you ask for?

350gr of chicken breast boiled
4 Piadinas
50gr of lettuce
50 gr of tomatoes
Mayo q.s
Salt q.s.
Olive oil q.s

Chop the chicken breast with a knife. After washing the lettuce and the tomatoes cut them into large slices. Mix the chopped chicken with mayo, oil and salt and then put in the Piadina bread the mixture of chicken, lettuce and tomatoes and roll it up. Last but not least, put the wrap in the microwave and start cooking at 650W for 3 minutes.

Omelet with courgette and stracchino cheese

Something different that surely everyone will like. A simple and tasty omelet with courgette flowers. Oops… we were missing one crucial ingredient: the stracchino cheese. 100% back-to-school will be better with such a snack!

8 eggs
50gr of grated Parmesan
40ml of milk
80gr courgette flowers
80gr stracchino cheese
Salt q.s.
Olive oil q.s.
Pepper q.s.

Wash the courgette flowers and cut them into little slices. Beat the 8 eggs with milk and Parmesan, salt and oil. Put the eggs, the courgettes flowers in a baking dish and finally stracchino cheese. Put in the microwave and start cooking at 750W for 10 minutes.

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