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How to remove pet hair from your laundry

Laundry Tricks to remove pet hair from your clothes

No matter how much we love our furry friends, nobody likes to find their hair all over the house, especially stuck on clothes. In fact, the most frustrating thing is to open up your tumble dryer or washing machine to discover that you didn’t get rid of all those hair. The good news is that there’s a way to handle it.  But only if you know the right tricks. Go ahead and take a look at our suggestions.

Dry clothes before washing

Toss your hair-covered clothes in the dryer on a no-heat cycle. Set it for 10 minutes, then check your clothes. If there’s still a lot of hair on the garments, run them in the dryer for another 5 minutes. Then, clean the dryer filter and toss your clothes in the washing machine, as usual.

Use a lint roller

A lint roller is a must-have tool for all pet owners. Use it before tossing your clothes inside the washer, or run it over your dry clothes as a final touch.

Use some white vinegar

White vinegar saves us in many home life situations, and it can also be very helpful when dealing with these annoying enemies. Before turning your washer on, add about 120 ml of vinegar into the fabric softener dispenser: its acetic acid will free up the pet hair that's stuck in the material.

Clean your appliance often

Periodical maintenance is very important, even more so if you’re dealing with a whole lot of pet hair on your clothes. Therefore, make a habit of wiping down the drum of your washing machine or washer dryer regularly. Remember to clean or change the filter periodically as well. Is it hard to remember? No problem: the Candy simply-Fi or hOn App, for example, suggest the right time to clean the filter via push notifications. Plus, you can simply set the washer on a regular wash cycle and let it run without anything inside.

Use dryer balls

We’ve already talked about the dryer balls, which help you save time and get better drying results. But there’s more! They are also useful for picking up a lot of hair. Put them inside the drum of your dryer and set it up.

Choose the right programme

Let’s not forget that pet hair, in addition to being annoying, can also cause allergic reactions.  How to prevent them?

Candy RapidÓ tumble dryers and washer dryers, come with the Antiallergy programme, specifically designed to protect the whole family from allergens like pet hair, dust mites, pollens, residuals of powder detergent and much more.

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