New Energy Label: what it means for Candy washing appliances

New Energy Label: what it means for Candy washing appliances

A new generation of Energy Labels

As a result of the increase in the development of energy-efficient products and because of the unclear difference between A++ and A+++ for consumers, the European Commission has decided to gradually change the energy labels categories, reintroducing the simpler A to G scale. From 1st March 2021, the new Energy Label has been introduced for washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars. Obviously, Candy has been aligned with the new legislation: keep reading to discover what has changed for washing appliances.

Washing machines

What are the key changes for Candy washing machines?

The most important one regards the new energy scale: you won’t find the usual “plus” classes (such as A +++, A ++ and A +) anymore. In fact, they have been replaced by a new energy consumption rainbow from A to G, which does not affect the product efficiency, but only the way to measure it.

This means that even if your Candy appliances now have a lower grade, they remain as efficient as before. For example, the washing machines Candy RapidÒ and Smart Pro* are still classified as best-in-class products, with an A energy consumption rating, in line with the new regulations.

What makes them so efficient?

Both ranges feature the Quick Quick & Clean Technology and the Speed Drive Inverter Motor, which allow them to reach the best energy class without giving up on great washing performances. In fact, the Quick & Clean technology creates a concentrated mix of clean water and detergent, which is spraied directly on the garments, ensuring fast and effective stain removal action. On the other hand, the Speed Drive Inverter Motor boosts the cleaning action by up to 50% and offers the best results even with quick cycles.

 *referred to the SmartInverter model.


The same goes for dishwashers.

For example, Candy Brava, thanks to the new Speed Inverter Motor, delivers great performances with maximum efficiency. In fact, according to the new European legislation, its energy efficiency class is B, which corresponds to the previous A+++ class with a 45% margin.

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