3 easy Microwave recipes for summer beach days

3 easy Microwave recipes for summer beach days

Beach-friendly lunches

Essentials for a beautiful day on the beach are a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and… food.
But what are the requirements for a beach-friendly lunch?
In our opinion, it should be something light, easy to pack (and to prepare obviously) without giving up on taste. In this article we show you our favorite microwave recipes that will spice up your day at the beach.
Keep reading to discover them all or if you have the Candy hOn App, access it and let yourself be guided by following all the steps.
Plus, if you have a smart Candy microwave, you can enjoy a whole world of dedicated contents and daily inspiration that will help you to make your cooking experience easier and fun!

Seafood salad

The taste of the sea with a sea view: what’s better than that?
Discover our super easy recipe and prepare the best seafood salad you’ve ever eaten.

● 5 peeled prawns
● 100 gr of cod
● 100 gr of cleaned squid
● 100 gr of cleaned octopus
● Fresh mint to taste
● 50 ml of white wine
● ½ lemon juice
● 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds
● Olives to taste
● 1 clove of garlic
● Salt, pepper and EVO oil to taste

1. Wash and clean the prawns. Cut fish into small pieces and chop mint.
2. Place fish and a clove of garlic in a bowl. Add olives, lemon juice and white wine.
3. Place the bowl in the Candy microwave and cook at P80 for 5 minutes.
4. Mix, add fennel seeds and cook for another 8 minutes on P80. Leave to rest for 5 minutes.
5. Remove the clove of garlic and drain the cooked fish. Place in a bowl and dress with oil, salt, pepper and fresh mint. Leave to soak up the flavor for a few minutes and serve.

Spelt with olives, dried tomatoes and capers

Spelt is a true summer classic that can combine many fresh ingredients, perfect to eat cold and to take to the beach. Keep reading to find the easiest and tastiest way to prepare it.

● 120 gr of spelt
● 20 gr of pitted green olives
● 350 ml of water
● 40 gr of dried tomatoes
● 1 spoon of capper
● 1 bunch of marjoram
● EVO oil to taste

1. Finely chop the dried tomatoes and the olives and put them on the steam accessory, without the basket.
2. Add the remaining ingredients and stir with a spoon so that everything is well blended.
3. Cover with a lid and enter the accessory into the microwave cavity. Then press start to cook at P80 for 20 minutes
4. Serve and sprinkle chopped parsley to taste.

Courgettes pie with Provola cheese and cooked ham

The courgettes pie is the ideal meal to enjoy sitting on a beachside chair, with feet in the water.
How does it sound? Read our tips to make everything even tastier.

● 250 gr of courgettes
● 50 gr of smoked Provola cheese
● 50 gr of cooked ham
● 2 eggs
● 30 gr of grated Parmesan
● pepper to taste

1. Grate the courgettes
2. Chop the cooked ham and the Provola cheese
3. Beat the eggs in the steam accessory without the basket.
4. Add the other ingredients, mix and cover with the lid.
5. Insert the steam accessory inside the microwave and cook at P100 for 8 minutes.

Well, now you just have to put your swimsuit on and enjoy some amazing (and tasty) days at the beach!

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