Smart induction hobs

Smart induction hobs: how to choose them to save on energy consumption

Are you in the market for a new hob? Discover how to choose a smart induction hob and how it can revolutionize your cooking experience and still save you money

If you’re looking for a new hob or a way to reduce your energy consumption in these trying times then you need to consider smart induction hobs. Fortunately, you’re about to discover everything you need to know.

What is and how to use connected hobs?

A smart induction hob is the fastest hob currently available: induction, in fact, is an extremely efficient hob. This is because heating occurs through the activation of the electromagnetic field in the pan. There is no heat loss because the heat is not spread by conduction, the heating element heating the glass, the pan and the food, but by induction: the heat is formed directly in the pan, which becomes a tool for transmitting the heat generated to the food inside.

What are the best induction hobs? The difference between the models relates to controls and functionality, all oriented towards better performance. Choosing the best induction hob model, gives you many advantages: faster and more even cooking, energy savings and easy and safe cleaning that will make your life easier.

What are the best features of induction hobs? What is the right choice?

It’s not all about improving your energy consumption. Good induction hobs, such as the Candy induction hobs, are easy to use and have a functional and smart design.

They offer an array of benefits, including:

  • Staying cool: induction hob exploits the electromagnetic currents that are generated by the coils that are placed under the hob: the generated current heats the pot, while the hob remains cold. The hob area is only hot when the pan is removed (as the pan is hot). In any case, there is a heat indicator that shows whether the zone is hot. That’s perfect for most people, especially if you have children.
  • Instant response: if you use an induction hob you’ll quickly notice that the pots heat up instantly without heat loss and you can change the temperature instantly thanks to the electronic controls.
  •  Durable: one of the biggest issues with many hobs is that they can be easily scratched, ruining your smart hob and the funds you’ve spent. Induction hobs have a smooth glass-ceramic surface and the absence of obstacles allows you to achieve a perfect result in a single pass.
  •  Smart connectivity: smart devices have become very popular because they allow you to control your devices via apps: you can manage your cooking process via your smartphone, set the temperature and check the status of your hob at any time!

Thanks to real-time notifications the app will inform you when cooking is finished and your meal is ready! Furthermore, you can save even more energy thanks to Power Management, the feature that allows you to set the hob's maximum power consumption directly via your smartphone!

The best way to look after a smart induction hob

There is only one way to look after your hi-tech Candy hob, and that’s to invest in Care+Protect Professional Ceramic Hob Degreaser, it is perfect to make your induction hob shine. Cleaning your hob should be very simple: all you have to do is use dish soap and water, with a little of the above degreaser for stubborn marks. The dirt should wash straight off, leaving your hob looking like new.

Of course, even though your hob doesn’t get hot, you should clean it after every use. Food debris can still burn if it is trapped between your pan and your hob. This can be much more difficult to eliminate. All you have to do to avoid this is clean the hob after you’ve used it.

If you’re in the market for a new hob then an induction hob is the logical choice. It’s cheaper to use, safer, and looks fantastic!

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