How to store shoes?

How to store shoes? Practical tips if you’re short of space

Store shoes properly: discover the tips and tricks to successfully look after your shoes & minimize the space they occupy without losing them

The general consensus is that women have more shoes than men; It’s partly peer pressure and partly a need for a variety of different footwear choices. But, what the statement doesn’t tell you is that men will still own multiple pairs of shoes and they are likely to cost more than the women’s options.

In short, you’re going to have a lot of shoes in your home and you need to learn how to store shoes properly to ensure they don’t take over.

How to arrange shoes in a cupboard

The first step in how to store shoes properly isn’t actually arranging your shoes in a cupboard. Before you store any shoe you need to know how to sanitize the shoes properly. This is essential if you want to ensure your shoes smell good when you use them and they stay in good condition.

Fortunately, it’s surprisingly easy to take care of them with Candy's smart washing machines, you can use the most innovative and smart washing programs to sanitize all of your shoes before storing them.

How to arrange them will depend on the space you have available. A cubicle system, big enough to take a pair of shoes in each cubicle means standing the left and right shoes next to each other.

If you’re tight on space then inverting the left and right is a good idea to reduce the footprint of the shoes.

Alternatively, you can invest in organizers that allow you to stack the left on top of the right without the shoes touching. All of these approaches work, you simply need to assess the space you have available to choose the right option.

Where to put shoes in the house and how to arrange shoe boxes

Ideally, when considering how to store shoes, you should designate two spaces. A small area by your front door will allow you to keep the shoes you use every day handy. This space should be small but take the shoes next to each other. You’re not going to want to handle the soles too much.

The second place should be in your wardrobe, ideally at the bottom where you can put your shoes in shoe boxes.

The best option is clear shoe boxes to allow you to see the different pairs easily. If this isn’t possible then normal shoe boxes will do with labels on the front edge.

It’s important to use the front edge as this allows you to stack the shoeboxes and still tell what’s in each box. It’s easier to pull out a box and find the right shoe if all the boxes are the same size.

Where to put winter shoes in the house during the summer months

Winter shoes should be properly cleaned and sanitized before being stored for the summer. They can then be placed in shoe boxes and put at the very bottom of your wardrobe. Make sure the boxes are labelled and your shoes will be safe until next winter.

Solution for where to put shoes if you have little space

If you have limited space and are trying to work out how to store shoes then there is a solution.

Your first option is to look up. Shoe boxes can be placed on top of wardrobes and other furniture, keeping them easy to access without taking up excess space.

Alternatively, add a large storage box, like an Ottoman, to your bedroom and store the shoes inside it in boxes. It’s a great feature and keeps all your shoes together.

The bottom line is simple, take a look around your property and you’ll find a corner that isn’t used. That’s where you place the container for all your shoes.

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