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Defrosting The Freezer

How Often Should The Freezer Be Defrosted And How To Do It?

When you adopt the right approach to how often should you defrost your freezer you will find the process becomes simpler and almost enjoyable

Defrosting your freezer is an essential part of looking after your food and ensuring you have enough space to store all the items you want to keep in cold storage. The good news is that when you are wondering how often should you defrost your freezer, the general consensus is just once a year.

Of course, this will depend on what type of freezer you have, it is always worth looking at the manufacturer guidelines to establish when they recommend you should defrost your freezer.

Why Defrost Your Freezer

The simple fact is that you store food in the freezer which must be kept below a certain temperature. Over time ice will build up in a freezer, even those that have auto-defrost functions. This will make it harder for the freezer to maintain the right temperature, potentially affecting how long you can store individual items.

Discovering the answer to how often should you defrost your freezer will help your freezer last longer and your food taste better. Of course, you should also discover the Candy range of freezers and their functions to make your day easier!

The Process Of Defrosting A freezer

There are several key questions you need to ask yourself when preparing to defrost your freezer.

How long does it take for a freezer to get cold after defrosting

This is an important question, as you need to know how long your food will be out of the freezer for. The answer is anything between 4 and 12 hours depending on the freezer you have.

Is there an easy way to defrost freezer?

The entire process is surprisingly straightforward, even if the answer to your question of how often should I defrost my freezer is only once a year.

  • Freeze ice block and place them into cooler boxes.
  • Add your frozen food to the cooler boxes and close them.
  • Leave the freezer open and turned off with towels in the base to absorb water.
  • Scrape any ice build-up with a soft tool.
  • Put a fan near the door to push warm room air into the freezer, speeding up the process.
  • Once all the ice and water is gone close the door and turn the freezer back on.
  • Wait for it to reach temperature before returning the food to the freezer.

Finally, give yourself a pat on the back. This manual defrost fridge freezer method is surprisingly simple.

How long does it take a freezer to defrost?

This question also applies if you have a fridge freezer. How long does it take a fridge freezer to defrost? This is important as you will want to complete the process in as short a time as possible. Without rushing the process it will take approximately two hours for the ice to all melt. But, as mentioned above, you can speed up this process.

What is the best way to defrost a fridge freezer?

The best way to defrost a fridge freezer is to empty it and let it defrost naturally. But, scraping ice and adding a fan to blow warm air in and speed up the process. This can be beneficial if you are unsure how to leave your frozen food in cooler boxes. You can also use the Care+Protect rapid action de-icer that improves the performance of your appliances and reduces energy consumption related to ice deposits.

Cleaning The Fridge Freezer

It is not essential but it is a good idea to give the fridge freezer a clean while it is defrosted Fortunately, if you are wondering how to clean a fridge freezer while you defrost your freezer fast, you simply need some baking soda and water.

Approximately one tablespoon of baking soda to four cups of water will suffice. You can dip a rag in the mixture and wipe all the surfaces in the freezer. To finish, dry it all with a clean cloth.

The key to successfully defrosting and cleaning your freezer is to prepare in advance. The longest it should take, without rushing the process is 16 hours. However, you can reduce this dramatically and, if you have a good freezer, you will find it can be done in as little as 5 or 6 hours.

You should consider that the next time you look at buying a new Candy freezer.

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