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Candy RapidÓ: how to reduce waste in the laundry room.

Candy RapidÓ: how to reduce waste in the laundry room.

Reduce waste

In these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever before that we do our part to reduce any kind of waste that impacts the environment (and our wallets too!).

So, we have the responsibility to help address these environmental issues with some simple daily acts, starting from our laundry.

How? In this blog article, we will discover together how Candy RapidÓ Washing Machine can help you reduce laundry waste.

Kilo Detector

Like most Candy features, the Kilo Detector is a function designed to simplify your daily life, but there’s more.

How does it work?
It sets the water consumption and washing time based on the weight of your laundry, avoiding waste of energy and ensuring a perfect wash.

Detergent amount

How much detergent do you waste for each cycle?

With Candy RapidÓ it won’t be an issue anymore.
Just set the program and temperature and the App will tell you which is the ideal amount of detergent for your laundry. This allows you to save time, detergent and money.

Statistics and Reports

Thanks to the Candy App, you can keep the instant consumption of your washing machine under control. Just open the App, go to the “Statistic” section and check the consumption level; the report will display 3 different parameters: low (green), medium (yellow) and high (red).

Dedicated Tips

Would you like to improve your washing habits in order to save energy?

Access the App and enjoy a world of dedicated tips: you will get suggestions on how to reduce consumption and make it more efficient!

Speed Drive Motor

The new Candy washing machines feature the Speed Drive Motor.
This is an innovative and durable brushless motor designed to deliver great performances, while reducing energy consumption.
Plus, your RapidÓ is classified as A-class* energy rating, which corresponds to the previous A+++ class.

*According to the new European legislation applying from 1 March 2021

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