Pet-friendly tips to decorate your home

Pet-friendly tips to decorate your home

Design a pet-proof space.

They always have time for us.
They are home, waiting for us to arrive.
They give us unconditional love. Our furry friends are not just pets: they’re family members.
That’s why we should furnish our house taking into account their presence (and of course our taste). In this article we will give you some special tips to design a pet-proof space without compromising on style.
Go ahead to discover more.


Upholstery, tent fabrics and all the coverings for cushions and sofas should be chosen carefully. We do not recommend materials such as velvet, mohair, corduroy, velour or chenille because they are a magnet for your pet hair. Also, we do not suggest delicate materials, such as silk or tweed, that could be damaged by the paws of your furry friend.
Instead, you can opt for synthetic fabric like microfiber, which is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and hair does not stick easily. Leather and vinyl are other great options, cause they are extremely easy to clean and easily vacuumed.
Just try to keep your cat’s claws trimmed, as they can scratch or puncture these fabrics. Two very simple ways to keep your furniture looking good are:

  • choose items of the same color as your pet’s hair;
  • protect your furniture with a washable blanket or sheet (don’t worry about the style, you can find many different types of stylish covers)
  • give them a pet couch of their own.


In the case of the floor, you should consider a two-fold issue: the stains caused when your puppy is still learning to toilet-train and all the scratches due to your pet's toenails. Considering these combined reasons, we suggest these flooring types:

  • the tile, such as porcelain, ceramic or natural stones;
  • the laminate;
  • the cork;
  • engineered wood flooring;
  • bamboo.

In light of this, you should avoid carpets and solid hardwood. If you don't want to give up the wooden floors, then opt for harder woods such as oak or mahogany.

Piece of furniture

For some pets, furniture legs, exposed wood and ornaments look like very fun toys.
This can cause irreparable damage to your favorite furniture.
What are the solutions to this issue?

  • You can use a feint. Place their favorite toy next to the furniture you want to protect;
  • Use a repellent. Pets usually don’t like the smell of citrus. You can spray it directly on the furniture or ornament you’d like to save from your pet’s teeth or clamps;
  • Get some scratching posts. Choose posts that encourage your cats to scratch next to your furniture. To make the post more appealing you can rub some with a little bit of grass.

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