Eco machine washing

Eco machine washing: what is it and how does it work? Everything you need to know for laundry that doesn't pollute

Does the eco programme on your washing machine really make a difference? If it's about saving money and electricity, why is it longer than the other programmes? Here's a quick and handy guide for your green laundry.

As with every household appliance, using the washing machine inevitably means using a lot of electricity. What's more, the washing machine also uses large amounts of water, which not only affects our household costs but also the environment.

However, the eco programme on our washing machine can limit the impact of doing the laundry, both in terms of helping the planet and reducing our bills!

The eco programme on the washing machine: what does it mean?

The word "eco” usually refers to programmes that are more efficient in terms of electricity use. In the case of the washing machine, what are the characteristics of the eco programme? The difference here is that clothes are washed at lower temperatures compared to traditional programmes. The length of the programme is also different: the eco mode takes much longer than other wash cycles. How long does an eco programme take? Depending on your washing machine, it can take up to 5 hours.

Why does the eco programme take longer?

What's the reason for the length of the eco wash programme? Although you may think otherwise, the length of the cycle doesn't mean higher energy use; on the contrary, it actually saves electricity. How? With the eco programme, the machine heats up much more slowly and works at lower temperatures.

For example, the ECO 40-60 programme of the Candy RapidO’ washing machine can wash cotton garments labelled wash at 40°C or 60°C on the same cycle at very low temperatures (down to 20°C) with the same performance and identical results.

Eco-friendly laundry with the Candy RapidO' front-loading washing machine

The Candy RapidO' is your perfect partner for eco-friendly laundry. It actually belongs to energy class A, which denotes the most efficient products in terms of energy use. Candy RapidO’ also features the innovative Quick and Clean technology, which allows the perfect mix of water and detergent; this means not only excellent performance on the eco programme but also great washing power and no waste.

In addition to using the eco programme of the Candy RapidO’, there are other ways to reduce the energy consumption of your household appliances, including accurate monitoring. Thanks to Candy RapidO's connectivity and the hOn app, you can use your smartphone to check the energy efficiency of every wash you do.

For an even greener wash, you also need to take a look at the products you use. Care+Protect concentrated eco-friendly laundry detergent, for example, is made using biodegradable plant-based materials that fully respect the environment and the appliance.

Candy RapidO’ is your perfect ally for the whole family's laundry; and by following these simple tips, respecting the environment and saving on your electricity bill will be child's play!

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