Freestanding Washer-Dryers & How They Work

Introducing the freestanding washer-dryer: your perfect laundry companion

We've all been there: piles of dirty clothes, limited space in the home, and that ever-present need for quick, efficient laundry solutions. Meet your new best friend, the freestanding washer-dryer from Candy. It can be integrated effortlessly into any kitchen or utility room, adding a touch of style and a whole lot of functionality to your daily chores.

What Is a Freestanding Washer-Dryer?

A freestanding washer-dryer is an all-in-one laundry solution that combines a washing machine and a tumble dryer in one appliance. As the name suggests, it is a stand-alone unit designed to be placed in any suitable spot within your home, offering a level of flexibility that's quite unmatched.

Freestanding models differ from their integrated counterparts as they aren't built into your kitchen units or hidden behind a cupboard door. Instead, they are independent units that can be moved around and placed according to your needs and preferences.

How Does a Freestanding Washer-Dryer Work?

At the heart of a freestanding washer-dryer is a simple yet ingenious mechanism. The appliance first operates as a standard washing machine, cleaning your clothes with water and detergent. After the washing cycle completes, it changes over to dryer mode. Here, it uses hot air to remove moisture from your clothes, leaving them dry and ready to wear or put away.

Why Choose a Candy Freestanding Washer-Dryer?

The beauty of a Candy freestanding washer-dryer lies not only in its dual function but also in its unique features that enhance user convenience:

Space-Saving Design:

By combining two appliances in one, a freestanding washer-dryer saves precious space in your home, making it ideal for small apartments or houses with limited laundry areas.


Freestanding models can be easily moved around and positioned according to your needs. Whenever you want to reorganise your kitchen or utility room, your washer-dryer can adapt effortlessly.

Ease of Use:

Candy freestanding washer-dryers come with intuitive controls, making it easy to select the right washing and drying settings for your load.

Energy Efficiency:

Many Candy models boast high energy-efficiency ratings, helping you reduce your environmental impact while saving on utility bills.

If you're on the hunt for a straightforward, user-friendly answer to your laundry conundrum, Candy's freestanding washer-dryers could be just the ticket. They're practical, flexible and pack a punch in terms of performance, making them a great addition to any home. Do you want to know more? Take a look at Candy's large range of freestanding washer-dryers - there's one to suit everyone, no matter what their laundry needs might be.

Picture this - you're part of a bustling household, up to your eyeballs in what seems like a never-ending mountain of laundry. Or, maybe you're a busy bee, always on the go and needing your washing and drying done in a jiffy. Either way, Candy's freestanding washer-dryers are here to switch up your typical laundry routine. After all, we've all got enough on our plates without adding laundry woes into the mix, right?

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