Smart combined fridges: how they work and how to use them

Smart combined fridges: how they work and how to use them

Everything you need to know about smart combi fridges and how to use them for your own advantage. The right combined refrigerator is a must-have accessory

The first smart fridge was released in June 2000. At the time they were revolutionary as they could create grocery lists and link to an app on your phone. Fast forward to today and smart combined refrigerators have advanced dramatically.

Today, these appliances need to be in your home to make your life easier. All you have to do is decide between a combined or side-by-side fridge. Both can be smart connected and will be a valuable addition to your home. The choice mainly depends on the style of your home and the space available.

How to use combined fridges with connectivity

Using a combined fridge with connectivity is surprisingly simple. You’ll need to download the product app onto your smartphone and then connect with your refrigerator. The exact procedure varies slightly with each machine but the manufacturer’s app will guide you through the connection process and ensure you’re up and running.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll be able to access the fridge controls through your smartphone with the app. That means you can change the settings from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

The app will even give you helpful tips regarding using your appliance.

The truth about how Wi-Fi combi fridges work

A Wi-Fi combi fridge is able to communicate with your home wireless internet network. All you have to do is allow the fridge to connect.

That’s impressive. But, the real truth about wi-fi combi fridges is that they are capable of working out what is in your fridge and even monitoring expiry dates or how often an item is used. All the fridge needs to do is scan the barcode or use the RFID system. It can then remind you when food is about to go out of date and even re-order items according to stock levels and your normal usage patterns.

Discover how do app-powered fridges work including smart combi fridges

Once you discover how smart combi fridges work and how easy it is to use them, you’ll realize that all wi-fi-connected appliances can be used in the same way.

In short, they can be controlled via the app to ensure they do the best possible job of looking after your food. As you can do this from anywhere you never need to worry about your food being spoiled again.

The main advantages of Wi-Fi built-in fridges

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to store all of your food with a Candy Fresco refrigerator that offers you the possibility to customize the fridge internals according to your needs. But, there are other advantages:

  • Creates grocery list for you
  •  Better energy efficiency
  •  Reduced food wastage
  • Reminders to undertake maintenance – effectively extending the life of the fridge
  •   Gives you music and entertainment from the refrigerator screen
  • Provides recipes and even videos of how to cook something

How to choose the fridge?

A big factor in choosing the right fridge is how easy is it to keep it clean. For any fridge to work efficiently it needs to be kept clean. Fortunately, this has never been easier. Simply discover how to take care of your fridge with the Care+Protect range of detergents and odour absorber for fridges and choose one from the Hoover range.

Of course, you can also consider your budget, the colour of the machine, and its size.

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