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Divo table-top fridge, Italian design in the office

Candy Divo table-top refrigerator, practicality and design

September’s arrival marks the return to work for many of us, and before long the hustle and bustle of our busy lives can mean our holidays can seem but a distant memory. But to help remind us of carefree days on the beach, trips to explore new and exciting places and time spent with family and friends, we’re proud to introduce the Divo tabletop refrigerator. An Italian inspired design, its cool, clean considered lines seem bourne out of brighter warmer days

The Divo tabletop refrigerator – an ideal addition to every office

The Candy Divo table-top fridge is so much more than an electrical appliance: it is decorative, inspired, iconic; characterised by its all-Italian design. Its soft 1950s-inspired lines, the ergonomic chrome handle and the vivid colours breathe life into any environment, adding a unique, creative touch to your work breaks..

Available in white or red, this captivating table-top fridge perfectly combines practicality and functionality, with two shelves, a bottom drawer and extra space provided by the shelf inside of the door.

Divo’s captivating lines adapt to suit different requirements, with the model also being available in a classic format and in single or two-door versions, with a 311-litre and a 304-litre capacity respectively.

So discover the full range of Candy refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers now and find your blend of standout style and effective food storage. 

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