Candy Zoom Function: more time to enjoy life

Candy Zoom Function: more time to enjoy life

You’re back at work. The kids are back at school. And on top of all that there’s the gym, sports clubs, after school activities and a hundred and one other things to fit in. Once the holidays and over and September hits, things definitely go up a gear. But at least when it comes to finding time to do all those household tasks, Candy can help with the laundry.

How long does a washing machine cycle last?

Washing machine cycles are variable and depend on a number of different factors, such as the size of the load and the type of fabric, which in turn influence the programme we select. Plus additional elements such as the temperature, which is determined by the type of fabric and the chosen programme, also impact on cycle times.

Where the load is relatively small, and the garments being washed are made from lightweight fabrics and are not particularly dirty, a rapid programme from 14 to 30 minutes may be sufficient.

However, this may not be suitable when clothes need a really good clean or when you’re tackling larger loads. In this instance, a washing cycle can take around 90 minutes and can even extend to over two hours if options such as pre-wash and further rinsing are required.

All in all, the longer the washing takes, the less time you have to spend doing other things. Which is why we’ve created the Candy Bianca Zoom.

Candy Bianca zoom, perfect laundry in 59 minutes

The Bianca Zoom function enables you to save time and make the most out of your days, whilst benefiting from fresh and pleasantly-scented laundry in less than an hour.

Zoom ensures perfect laundry with all types of fabric and with all types of programme in just 59 minutes - equating to the best performance on the market in record times. Fitted with latest-generation components, this washing machine is equipped with the Mix Power Jet+ system, which sprays the detergent directly onto clothes to guarantee a deeper cleanse. You’ll no longer have to choose between quick cycles and effective cycles: you’ll be able to wear your perfectly clean clothes without having to wait the times required of a standard washing machine.

Thanks to the Candy simply-Fi app, you will be able to remotely manage your washing machine via your smartphone: forget the laundry and make the most of your days!

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