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Light recipes with the Smart Steam oven

Light recipes with the Smart Steam oven

For many of us, summer means holidays, dining out, BBQ and catching up with friends over a few cheeky cocktails. That said, once September arrives, it’s time to get back to our busy lives, return to work and rediscover healthier eating. But adopting a lighter diet doesn’t mean losing out on flavour. And our tasty selection of steam oven recipes is sure to have you licking your lips. 

The perfect cooking technique for a healthy, nutrient-rich diet

There’s much more to a healthy, balanced diet than simply drinking lots of water and eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables. You also need to get to grips with healthier cooking techniques that make sure you’re not losing out on important nutrients.

Obviously, eating raw vegetables is the sure-fire way to do this. But for those who prefer their broccoli and beans cooked, boiling, or even better steaming them, is the way to go. If fact steaming your veg retains 20% more folic acid and 10% more vitamin B than boiling.

Steam cooking isn’t only a great way to cook vegetables. Meat, fish and seafood are also absolutely delicious when cooked in this way, not to mention the fact that all the vitamins and minerals, remain virtually untouched.  This makes it much easier to get the nutrients you need to live healthily.

What’s more, choosing to steam your food can help you to maintain a lower fat diet, as you hardly need to add extra fat to your dishes during cooking. But what’s really great about steaming is that it helps food maintain its flavour, which is great news for your taste buds.

Eat healthy with our tasty Smart Steam oven recipes

Get your post-holiday diet underway and discover the benefits of steam cooked food with our selection of tempting recipes:

  • Chicken thighs in Basque sauce
  • Oven-roasted pork chine with cardoons
  • Oven-roasted salmon pavé
  • Oven-roasted bass with sun-dried tomatoes and capers
  • Oven-roasted prawns
  • Potato-crusted fillet of sea bream
  • Mascotte potatoes
  • Oven-baked ratatouille
  • Stuffed peppers

Quick and easy to prepare, these dishes will win you over with their delicious flavour and their high concentration of nutrients. The full range of Smart Steam oven recipes are available on the Candy simply-Fi app to access anywhere you want, whenever you want. Enjoy! 

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