5 tips for dog bath

5 fresh tips for bathing your dog

Does your beloved dog runs away at the first mention of "bath"?. Don’t worry: nothing is lost. Here are some tips that will make bathing your dog seem like child's play. And above all, they will help him cool off to face the heat. So, arm yourself with brushes, shampoo, towels and a swimsuit. If your dog needs a bath but you don’t prepare everything you need and don’t equip yourself properly, you will end up taking a bath yourself.

Brush and wash. But first brush.

You think about the bath and the first things that come to your mind are the water: -cold? warm? hot water? - and shampoo (what will be the perfect shampoo for my dog's fur?). Stop. Wait a minute. Because the first thing to do is brush your doggy. Pre-bath brushing is important for two reasons: first helps remove excess fur that prevents the proper washing of the skin; secondly, you won't waste energy (and shampoo!) washing fur that will end up in the drain.

Take care of the skin of your dog

We hardly see the skin of our dogs, but this doesn’t mean that is not important. The main purpose of a bath is to wash and clean the skin, rather than the fur. Use your fingers to push the shampoo through the thick fur. Don't forget to scrub the paws, stomach, armpits and tail. It would be preferred to make it by hand, because are very sensitive parts. Important reminder: don’t get water and shampoo on your dog's face but use a dampened towel or use a special product for your dog's face.

Rinse as much as you can

One of the things to absolutely avoid is leaving some shampoo residue on the hair. To prevent this, try to rinse thoroughly. So, start rinsing from the neck part and between the shoulders and then go down to make the most of each rinse. Don't forget to rinse the armpits, stomach and between your dog's toes.

Let’s dry!

The perfect bath ends with drying. Just like humans also dogs must all be dry to avoid catching skin infections or simply a cold. And then, wet hair (even if washed with shampoo) can cause bad smells. So, dry your dog properly, according to its fur. Sometimes you just need a towel, but for dogs with hair-like coats, blow-drying is best to make sure they're completely dry. Blow-dry in small areas, starting from the back of the head (like the rinse part) and moving downwards. You’ll see on its face how much it likes it!

Close the loop with other brushes!

Brushing your dog after a bath will help remove extra hair and detangle the fur. As you get more comfortable with drying, you can start brushing while drying to save time just like you probably do with your hair!

Now that you know all the secrets to have a clean and fragrant dog, just wear your swimsuit and dive into this wonderfurry experience!

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