beach beauty tips

5 beauty care habits for a beach day

Don’t sacrifice your beauty

Let’s be honest. In the summer there isn’t anything quite like a hot day spent at the beach, with the cold water and breeze chilling you. Nonetheless, the sun, sand, and saltwater are not the best for your beauty care. If you want to look good and be at the same time aware and protective from the harshness that the sun can have on you, here are some tips and advice. So, grab your favorite book, your beach towel, and let’s enjoy a beach day with all the good precautions for your beauty.

Before going to the beach

Wait, have you hydrated your skin? A good habit to have after the morning shower is to hydrate and cleanse your skin, adding also a facial moisturizer and body lotion to your routine. In this way, your skin will not be so dried out by the strong UV and hot temperatures.

Take care of your hair

Did you know that it’s recommended to wet your hair with plain water even before going for a swim? In this way you will help your skin from absorbing excessive seawater. After you’ve chilled in the sea, don't’ forget to use hair cream or a hair serum with a good SPF in it: your hair will thank you later!

Can I wear makeup on the beach?

Who doesn’t want to look good while tanning? Luckily there are special makeups that let you enjoy your beach day without worrying about smudges.

So, let’s have a rundown of good tips for your makeup:

● Use waterproof and smudge-free products for a matte finish.

● Choose lip gloss instead of lipstick (don’t forget to hydrate your lips!)

● Instead of using a blusher, use your lipstick. Yes, you’ve read it well: lipstick. Make three little dots on your cheeks and spread them with your fingers to blend them.

After a beach day

Probably it’s past sunset, you’ve enjoyed all the sun you can take from a day, and now it’s time to take a shower to remove all the debris, sand and sea salt from your body. But your beauty care doesn’t end there. Use a cleansing balm on your face to help it recover from the wind and UV rays it has taken during the day.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

For your beauty care, one of the most important parts of a beach day it’s actually at the end of the day. It’s time to go crazy with some good moisturizer! In this way you will help your skin rehydrate and maintain its characteristics. A good option is to moisturize after the shower, without forgetting also your hands and feet! Before going to bed it’s very useful to apply a good overnight hightradation face mask.

Now that you know all the secrets for a perfect day at the beach, continue this routine all summer long to keep your skin safe and glowing!

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