Holidays with dogs: how to make it stress-free

Holidays with dogs: how to make it stress-free

For some pet owners, vacations are not so amazing if their furry friends can’t come along.
But traveling can be very stressful both for pets and “parents”.
For this reason, we’ve decided to write down a list of useful tips so that you can spend your holidays with your 4-legged friends in the safest and smartest way.
Keep reading to discover more!

Schedule a pre-vacation vet visit

Before packing up, we suggest popping to the vet, especially if you plan to travel by plane. A simple check-up will tell you if your dog is a good flight candidate, you can verify that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and you can get its medical certificate often required by travel companies.

If you travel by plane, book a nonstop flight.

Try to make things less stressful for your pet and yourself, avoiding stopovers, especially if your pet is traveling in the cargo hold.
Instead, if you plan to carry on your tiny dog (size restrictions may apply), we advise you to book a window seat, to keep him or her safe from the traffic of the air corridor.

Book a pet-friendly accommodation

It seems obvious but it is not. Be sure that the hotel or accommodation you want to book is equipped to host your pet. Remember to ask about the pet fees and deposits if they are not specified and check if your pet can access all accommodation areas.

Pack a pet bag

In addition to treats, food and water, bring along some familiar items that will make your pet at home, such as bedding and toys and keep them within arm’s reach. Pack some portable food and water anti-spill bowls, which are ideal for the car. Also, don’t forget a doggy waste bag to pick up after your pooch, a first aid kit, a towel and insect repellent for dogs.

Use a carrier to keep your 4-legged friend safe and stable during your travel.

If you travel by car, don’t forget to restrain the carrier with a seatbelt around the front. We suggest making your pet get familiar with the carrier before leaving.

Feed your pet several hours before you leave:

a full stomach can be uncomfortable for your dog during travel.

Keep your dog as active as possible before hitting the road.

You can take him or her for a walk in order to drain the energy and get them tired. It helps your dog burn off anxiety so that he can nap during the trip, or at least be fairly relaxed.

If you travel by car, make frequent stops.

They are very useful for bathroom breaks, fresh air, experiencing a new place and playing together.

Never leave your pet inside the car alone.

Remember to never leave your dog unattended in a closed vehicle, especially when it is very warm.

Know when it's best to leave your pet at home.

Unfortunately, our furry friends cannot follow us wherever we go. We know that leaving your dog while you’re away can be a stressful decision, but sometimes it’s the best solution for both of you. Luckily, you can choose among a world of different options (such as sitters, specialized agencies, and accommodations), tailored for your pet’s needs.

We hope that this mini-guide helped you. If you’re interested in any content for you and your pets, keep following us: in the next months, we will give you a world of wonderfurry tips!

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