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Why is your tumble dryer making noise?

Why your tumble dryer is making noise

Tumble dryers are wonderful appliances that help out families and households, saving them time and effort by quickly drying out clothes over having to hang them out to dry on slower drying racks and outdoor lines. At Candy, we’ve got options to fit all requirements, taking a load off your daily routine with efficient features and functions.

But like all mechanical additions to your home, things can sometimes go wrong. Whether it’s a small thing that you can quickly tweak to get things back on track, or whether it’s a bigger problem that might require a professional, it can happen at any time.

One of the key signs that something’s up is if your tumble dryer suddenly starts making a noise it shouldn’t. It could be a clanking that wasn’t there before, a grinding or a slow tapping. If any of these happen to your machine, it’s worth investigating.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at what different noises might signify, and what you can do to repair them.

Tumble dryer noises and what they can mean

So you’ve heard your tumble dryer making a strange noise. Your first step should be to listen carefully to the sound it’s making, which can give you your first real hint as to the possible problem.

Here are a few common sounds to keep an ear out for:

  • Scraping or grinding
    If your tumble dryer is scraping or grinding, that means metal is meeting metal and that’s never a good thing. It’s the sound it makes when the drum is wearing on another part of the appliance. 
    Often this is caused by an imbalance on where the tumble dryer is sat. If the tumble dryer isn’t on a flat surface, or is angled, this can cause gravity to pull the drum to one side – and push it against other components.
    You’ll want to check with a spirit level whether things are awry, and if they are, turn off the tumble dryer and adjust it so it’s level. Try it again, and if the sounds continue, it’s time to talk to a professional repair person.
  • Vibrating or rumbling
    If your tumble dryer is vibrating too much and causing a deep rumbling sound, it’s probably a similar issue to the grinding we detailed above.
    It’s all about how the tumble dryer is positioned in your home. Vibrating suggests that the pads have come loose and the dryer is imbalanced where it’s placed. This isn’t quite as serious as the grinding, but it should be dealt with all the same because it can be causing unseen damage.
    As above, use a spirit level to see whether the appliance is balanced right, and if it’s not, turn it off and adjust until the rumbling stops.
  • Creaking
    A creaking sound from your tumble dryer suggests something is up with the tension pulleys that are an integral part of your machine.
    These pulleys are small elements, generally made out of plastic, which work around the dryer’s shaft to keep the tension on the drive belt. Without them, you’ll find the tumble dryer won’t work as well as intended, or might even not operate at all.
    If this is the case, then combined with the creaking, we’d recommend seeking out a repair person who can replace the tension pulleys and get your dryer back working at its best.

Why you should consider a Candy tumble dryer

At Candy, our tumble dryer range is packed with appliances that are perfect for the modern home, designed to be as useful, reliable and efficient as any state of the art machine should be.

Our dryers go all the way up to 10kgs, making them ideal for homes with plenty of people, including kids who might need that extra washing done quickly. Many are rated class B for energy too, helping you budget your energy and care for the planet at the same time.

Better yet, many of our options are designed for the smart home, featuring NFS connectivity to your home app so you can always be in complete control of your laundry’s cycles and operations. That means you can run programmes from anywhere with an internet connection and check in to see when your drying is done. It’s all part of making laundry smarter and easier for everyone.

They also boast a feature called Super Easy Iron. This function does away with the hassle of ironing your clothes by automatically detecting moisture levels in the dryer and changing accordingly to better manage creases and wrinkles.

You can also delay your start time to whenever you choose, setting it to go whenever is best for you and your family.

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