What does it mean to have a washing machine in energy class A?

The energy label is designed to help you choose a product while thinking about energy consumption and the environment. Here is what it is really telling you

When shopping for a washing machine, or any other appliance, you will already be familiar with the energy label that displays a rating between A+++ and G. These colourful labels provide an array of information that can help you to choose the right machine. They can also help you to save energy, reducing your bills, and doing your part for the environment. This is much of the reason that the energy labeling of appliances started.

However, post-Brexit, the label has been revamped. It’s time you discovered everything you need to know about the new energy label.

The Beginnings Of The Energy Label

The energy label first arrived in Europe in 1992 and allowed every appliance on sale to be categorized according to exact standards. This allowed them to be placed into a category with A being an appliance that had the best energy performance and G reserved for the worst.

The aim was to save consumers money on energy bills and simultaneously help the environment. It worked and soon most appliances had an A rating. This led to the introduction of A+, ++, and +++. These were a class above the standard A, which was reclassified as B.

Unfortunately, even these categories are now exhausted as most appliances are A+ or higher. This has led to the need to revitalize everything from a washing machine energy label to a dishwasher or refrigerator.

Understanding The Meaning Of The New Energy Label

If you’re in the market for an appliance then you are going to notice the energy labels have changed. The new labels have an array of icons and a QR code, allowing all appliances to be re-classified.

When considering what washing machine energy labels meaning is, you will need to remember that the codes A to G will still exist. But, appliances manufactured since 2020 will have the new label and, what was an A+++ or higher is likely to be a B or even a C.

In effect, the existing appliances have all been moved down the list to make way for the new machines that are set to be even more energy-efficient than before. Manufacturers are already on board with this. For example, Candy washing machines guarantee you high efficiency and performance. Discover the range to find the most suitable appliance for you and your family.

It is worth noting when wondering what does energy efficiency label mean, that it will be impossible for older appliances to get an A rating. The top category has been deliberately kept empty to encourage manufacturers to improve performance further.

Identifying A new Energy Label

The most obvious sign that you are looking at a new energy label is at the top. The European symbol has been replaced with the British flag, a smart new Energy logo, and a QR code. These three things instantly tell you you’re looking at a new energy label.

There will also be the kWh displayed and you may find useful additional information, such as capacity, water consumption, and noise levels.

Additional Energy Saving Techniques

Of course, choosing a high-quality Candy washing machine is only part of your drive to reduce energy bills and save the planet. You also need to think about the detergent you use on your clothes and how to ensure your machine lasts as long as possible.

Fortunately, this is easier to do than you may think. There are a variety of options on the market, such as Care+Protect magnetic descaler that helps to prevent the formation of damaging limescale, extending the service life of your appliance. Softening hard water leads to reduced consumption of both energy and detergents.                                                                                            

You should also consider how many times you use your washing machine each week and how full the loads are. Revising this can make a substantial difference to your energy usage.

It is important to be aware of the new energy label to ensure the washing machine you are buying is as good as you think it is. Appliances rated with an A will be easier to find as time passes and technology improves. By being aware of the energy label you will be able to identify the age of your machine and whether it is really the one you want, or not.

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