How should I store eggs

Should I store eggs in the refrigerator?

Outside or inside the fridge? How do I store eggs correctly? Here are all the tips to store them safely

Egg consumption is essential to ensure the right energy every day, since eggs are full of essential nutrients such as a high content of proteins, phosphorous, calcium, iron, zinc and group B vitamins. How many times did you ask yourself what is the best way to store them? In the supermarket, they are always stored outside the fridge, and not knowing where to store them at home is perfectly normal. Here are a few tips on how to store eggs.

Should I store eggs in the refrigerator?

To prevent eggs from going bad, you should store them in your fridge; then why are they on the shelves at the supermarket? The reason can be found in European Regulation 589 of 2008. This provision prescribes to store eggs in a cool place after purchasing them, however, it requires them to be stored and transported at constant temperature to avoid any thermal shocks and to avoid refrigerating them before selling them to the end consumer.

Indeed, subjecting them to frequent thermal shocks would promote the creation of condensate on the shell. This kind of humidity could promote the development of pathogenic germs - including Salmonella - that can compromise our well-being.

After purchasing the eggs, it is best to keep them in their original package in the refrigerator, for better food preservation. You can opt to place them in the central shelves of your fridge or in the egg holder located on the door. The best egg storage temperature is between 0.6°C and 2.2°C.

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Do I need to wash the eggs before placing them in the refrigerator?

Although it would be better to wash all food items before consuming them, this is not true with eggs. It is not recommended to wash the eggs before storing them in the refrigerator, since water removes the shell protective layer that works as a natural barrier to prevent the penetration of the micro-organisms on the shell. In addition, it is best not to take the eggs out of the fridge too much time before consuming them, as they could get damaged.

To prevent eggs from picking up the other refrigerator scents, you can also use Care+Protect universal refrigerator odour absorber.

Tips to store the eggs

Eggs shouldn’t be in contact with other food items in the refrigerator, and after consuming them, clean the refrigerator to prevent possible germs and bacteria from ending on the other food. When you use them, remember to never break the shell on the container where you will process the egg yolk or white, and, once you’ve broken the shell, throw it away immediately. Remember also to wash your hands right away, and the tools you have touched.

It takes very little to store food correctly and observe hygiene rules. Thanks to this guide, you won’t make any more mistakes!

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