Wool dryer balls: what they are and how they works

Wool dryer balls: what are they?

What are dryer balls really good for?

If you own a dryer or you are thinking of buying one, you may have come across with this mysterious object. Why do so many people put balls of wool or other materials inside their dryer? The answer is simple and very immediate: to save time and to get better results! Such as? Let's find out together.

How do dryer balls save me time?

Inserting the balls inside the dryer is an excellent solution that will allow you to reduce your drying time by up to 25% less time with each drying! How do they do it? Simple, first of all, the balls keep the fabrics separate avoiding the creases that usually form in the washing machine, making it easier to dry. In this way, you will not only save drying time in drying but you can also avoid ironing the garments once they are dry! In addition, they also give softness to the garments, so much so that you may not need to use fabric softener during the washing phase. Faster drying reduced electricity bills, and less fabric softener is better for the environment.

What types of dryer balls are there?

There are various types of dryer balls, each with different characteristics and properties. The easiest to find, but also the cheapest are made from aluminium because they can be easily made at home. Just roll some aluminium foil into a ball, with up to 8-10 cm in diameter. this will help to untangle well among the fabrics but will not retain moisture and their lifespan is short: after about ten uses they will begin to flake. Instead the plastic balls instead have the same function but are harder and longer-lasting. However, to help protect the environment, it would preferable to avoid using plastic. Finally, the wool balls, which are the best. They untangle well, absorb moisture and last longer. It is also possible to add a few drops of essential oils to increase the scent of your laundry. They cost a little more, but you will recover the cost over time.

Take some time for yourself

Especially if you have a large family or children to take care of, we understand how very important it is to save even a little of the time that we spend on housework. These little tricks will give some extra time that you can spend on yourself and with your family.

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