How to use steam in the kitchen

Steam function: what it is and when to use it

Give a touch of steam to your dishes

The use of steam in the kitchen gives a unique touch to your dishes. With origins coming from the Far East, steam cooking is characterized by its low ecological and economic impact but above all, it is often used to prepare tastier and lighter dishes. Let's find out why.

Why use steam in the kitchen?

The fundamental property of steam cooking is that of cooking food while keeping the organoleptic properties of food intact. It is often used in diets as mineral salts and vitamins are not dispersed. Unlike boiling, steam contains more energy, increasing the pressure of the container used. This way, the food will be tastier and we won't need to add extra fat. All foods can be cooked with steam, from meat to fish, but also vegetables or bread products.

Candy Smart Steam

For this reason, Candy has thought of a perfect combination of traditional and steam cooking methods included in a single oven.

Thanks to Smart Steam Connected Ovens, just one touch is enough. By pressing the "Steam" button, the water will turn into steam and help cook your food while maintaining its organoleptic properties, without altering the original taste. You could cook juicy meat and a tender fish, or surprise your guests by baking excellent homemade bread, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The procedure for use is very easy: insert the water in the appropriate cavity, select one of the three functions to activate the steam and press the dedicated button. Running out of ideas? Don't worry, our Smart Steam ovens are fully connected and thanks to the simply-Fi App you will have over 250 recipes available to make the most of your oven and its steam function.

Don't forget to clean!

Keeping your oven clean will allow you to always prepare delicious dishes. Thanks to the efficient cleaning system Aquactiva, Candy Smart Steam ovens allow easy cleaning and complete sanitation. By adding water into the cavity and select the Aquactiva function, the steam generated will eliminate any grease deposit, making it incredibly easy for you to clean the oven.

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