Sparkling white wines: selection and storage

Sparkling white wines: selection and storage

The arrival of the warmer weather excites the taste buds and ignites our desire for fresh and light flavours. Favourable weather makes us want to dine al fresco, perhaps on the terrace or in the garden, in the company of friends or the whole family.
Springtime vegetables and products allow for delicious and delicate dishes, ideal to be savoured alongside a good glass of wine used to enhance the aromas: now is the time to break out your best sparkling white wines.

The best food accompaniments to sparkling white wines

Sparkling white wine is the undisputed king of aperitifs and starters - but don’t let this well-deserved reputation fool you, it’s also the perfect accompaniment to your entire meal.
It pairs perfectly with appetisers such as canapés, savoury cream puffs, vol-au-vents, pâtés and prawn cocktails, in addition to oysters and crudités. So, if it’s true that sparkling white wines work best with finger food and seafood appetisers, then it’s also fair to say that they can be perfectly partnered with soft and unripened cheese or delicately flavoured cold cuts, such as mortadella and cooked ham. That said, serving them alongside blue cheese, such as gorgonzola, or strongly flavoured and spiced cold cuts, such as speck, is not recommended.
Sparkling white wines can also be perfectly paired with first courses, especially risottos, casseroles and pasta dishes containing courgette, pumpkin, cauliflower, spinach, Swiss chard and all other vegetables that have a slightly bitter aftertaste, such as radicchio and asparagus.
They also pair well with chicken and turkey-based second courses, but arguably work best when enjoyed alongside fish and crustaceans, including carpaccio.
Many of us however make the mistake of sipping both dry and sparkling white wines alongside desserts, when a liqueur, muscat or sweet red is decidedly more appropriate.

The best sparkling white table wines and how to serve them

A number of sublime Italian wines feature amongst the best and most sophisticated of sparkling whites, including:

  • Prosecco (Veneto);
  • Verduzzo (Veneto);
  • Müller-Thurgau (Trentino);
  • Moscato (Piedmont);
  • Zibibbo (Sicily);
  • Franciacorta (Lombardia).

Sparkling white wine must be served at a temperature of between 6 and 8 degrees and should be enjoyed strictly in its ‘absolute’ form, i.e. without the addition of fruit juices or syrups, so as not to alter the flavour. A classic flute glass is considered ideal for serving sparkling whites, since it best preserves the aroma and bubbles.

How to store sparkling white wine

To best preserve your sparkling white wine, we recommend following these simple rules:

  • lay your bottles down horizontally so that the wine remains in contact with the cork, preventing it from drying out. Remember to gently stand the bottle up vertically one day before opening;
  • be sure to place your bottles on a surface that absorbs vibrations;
  • keep your bottles away from direct sunlight and intense odours, at a constant temperature of between 12 and 14 degrees;
  • if stored in a wine cooler alongside bottles of another type, sparkling white wines must be positioned on the lowest shelf where the temperature is generally cooler.

Choose the solution most suitable for your home to best preserve your wines and enjoy them with family or friends!

Candy has the perfect smart products for all your needs. You can choose our range of Candy wine coolers, boasting standard size models capable of accommodating up to 41 bottles, in addition to a smaller alternative that holds up to 21 and a large option with spaces for up to 72. All of these will provide added value for your home owing to their stylish designs!

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