Narrow Tumble Dryer

Understanding the dimensions of your narrow tumble dryer

Are you finding yourself in a bit of a squeeze with home space but can't do without the convenience of a tumble dryer? Don’t worry, Candy has you covered! This article will guide you through the ins and outs of choosing the perfect narrow tumble dryer to fit your space while delivering optimal drying performance. So, let's unravel the mystery around tumble dryer dimensions!

Narrow tumble dryers, or slimline dryers as they're sometimes called, are specially designed appliances that deliver the drying power you need without hogging your precious space.

But how narrow is a narrow tumble dryer? Typically, standard tumble dryers are around 60cm wide, while a Candy narrow tumble dryer is just 40cm wide. Despite their smaller exterior, these compact powerhouses don't compromise on performance or capacity.

So, before you commit to buying a tumble dryer, grab a tape measure, and measure the space you have available. Be sure to leave a little extra room around the dryer for ventilation purposes – this will help keep your appliance running smoothly and efficiently.

Why Choose a Candy Narrow Tumble Dryer?

Candy's narrow tumble dryers don’t just save on space but are packed with features that will transform your laundry routine. These appliances deliver a superb drying performance, time-saving functions, and energy-efficient operations.

Here's what you'll love about Candy's narrow tumble dryers:

  • Perfect for Small Spaces: Whether you live in a “fun-size” city apartment, a cosy cottage or simply need to maximise the space in your utility room, Candy's narrow tumble dryers are the ideal fit.
  • Impressive Capacity: Despite their slim size, these tumble dryers can handle up to 7kg of laundry. That's the equivalent of 35 t-shirts in one go!
  • Energy Efficient: Candy's narrow tumble dryers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you cut down on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • User-Friendly Features: These tumble dryers come equipped with a variety of drying cycles, adjustable settings, and easy-to-use control panels.
  • Stylish Design: Last but not least, Candy's narrow tumble dryers don't skimp on style. They are designed to seamlessly blend with your home décor and create a sleek, modern look.

Meet the New Line: Slim Smart and GrandÓVita Dryers

Leading the charge in space-saving laundry solutions is Candy's innovative new line of Slim Smart and GrandÓVita dryers. These narrow tumble dryers boast all the features we've raved about and then some!

The Slim Smart dryers have smart functions to sync with your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your drying cycle even when you're on the move. You can select the type of fabric or the level of dryness you desire, and then the Smart technology will take care of the rest, ensuring optimal care for your clothes.

On the other hand, the GrandÓVita dryers offer an incredibly generous 9kg capacity in compact form. It's the ideal choice for those with larger laundry loads but limited space. Their innovative sensor drying technology means that the GrandÓVita models can detect when your clothes are perfectly dry and stop the cycle, saving energy and protecting your garments from over-drying.

You can choose the tech-savvy convenience of the Slim Smart series or the spacious yet compact design of the GrandÓVita dryers, either way Candy's new line of narrow tumble dryers is set to revolutionise the way you tackle laundry day. Enjoy the maximum performance, smart technology, and sleek design, all neatly wrapped up in a space-saving package. That's what we call a laundry win!

Want to explore more about these compact, stylish appliances? Visit Candy's collection of narrow tumble dryers. No matter whether you're dealing with family-sized laundry loads or washing for one, Candy's slimline tumble dryers will be a perfect companion for your laundry days.

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