Microwave: tips&tricks

Microwave: tips&tricks

Small, practical and very simple to use, microwaves are one of those appliances which, once tried, win us all over and become indispensable allies for our domestic survival. Ideal for heating dinner when you work late at the office or for defrosting a product from the freezer in a short time (perhaps for a last-minute evening with friends), microwaves also lend themselves to “alternative” uses that are little known, but no less effective.

Here are some chosen for you by Candy!

Peeling garlic

To quickly peel garlic without touching it with your hands, simply insert the cloves in the microwave in a container for about 20 seconds at medium power. Once extracted, the garlic peel will effortlessly come off without leaving a bad smell on your skin.

More juice

To get more juice from your citrus fruits, put them in the microwave for 20 seconds at 500 watts before squeezing them. More juice, less effort!

Onion with no tears

There is a trick to prevent you from crying your eyes out when you cut onions. Put the onions in the microwave for 30 seconds at 500 watts. Take them out, proceed with slicing and... say goodbye to tissues!

Drying aromatic herbs

Do you love aromatic herbs and grow them in your garden? Once collected, washed and dried, place them on the bottom of a microwave pan, leaving an empty central space. Run the microwave at 950 watts for about 3 minutes, turning the leaves every 30 seconds. 100% DIY drying guaranteed!

Peeling tomatoes

Wash the tomatoes and dry them. Remove the pedicels and make an X incision on the top. Put them on a plate in the microwave for 20 seconds at 500 watts. Once they are lukewarm, removing their peel is a breeze!

Disinfecting a kitchen cutting board

To clean and disinfect your plastic cutting board, rub it with half a lemon after use, then heat it at 750 watts for a minute.

Perfuming the house

Place two lemons and two oranges cut into wedges, cloves and cinnamon into a bowl of boiling water. Run the microwave at maximum power for 5 minutes and immediately remove the bowl to perfume your home.

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