Make your bedroom stand out with these geometric shapes to paint on your wall.

Make your bedroom stand out with these geometric shapes to paint on your wall.

September has always been a month of transition, as summer gives way to autumn, the start of a series of household chores (wardrobe sorting, anyone?) to prepare for the coming months ... so what could be a better time for renewing the look of your bedroom, perhaps with inspiration from the latest interior design trends?

These include geometrical decorations, which let you give your imagination free rein, adding the right touch of colour and personality to your bedroom walls.

So say goodbye to the white or monochrome walls that have surrounded you in your bedroom for so many years ... it takes colour and imagination to live autumn to the full! Choose the shades that best express your taste and personality (delicate or dazzling, it doesn’t matter which), play around with contrasts and focus on the right shapes; the result will be impeccable and will give your home an original, creative look.

This is what you need to create them all by yourself!

  • Paint
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Adhesive paper tape
  • Masking tape
  • Protective sheet

The steps:

  • First spread a protective sheet on the floo
  • Apply the adhesive tape to the wall to create your chosen geometrical shapes
  • Paint the corners and outlines of the shapes with the brush
  • Use the roller to paint the insides of the shapes paper tape
  • Once dry, remove the adhesive tape from the central sections
  • Cover the shapes already painted with masking tape
  • Use the roller to fill in the remaining areas
  • Once everything is dry, remove the tapes from the edges.

And voilà! Your geometrical wall decorations are ready!

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